Cloudflare IPO Date 2019: When Will Cloudflare Go Public and How Profitable Cloudflare IPO Is? Latest Information on Estimates, Date and Value- Sat Apr 20

Cloudflare announced their interest in pursuing a more accelerated growth strategy by announcing that the company will be preparing their IPO filings, planning to go public already in 2019.

The news came in the last quarter of 2018, probably motivated by the fact that the last year of 2018 was somewhat remembered by unicorn IPOs. It appears that the trend is continuing in 2019 as well, as companies and tech startups like Uber, Airbnb and Lyft are also in midst preparations for issuing their initial public offerings.

Cloudflare raised 150 million dollars in one of their latest private funding rounds as this internet security and content delivery company is preparing to go public.

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What to Expect from the Upcoming Cloudflare IPO in 2019?

Cloudflare representatives already confirmed their interest in issuing Cloudflare IPO back at the end of October 2018, while the company also managed to raise 150 million dollars in a funding run by Franklin Templeton.

The most recent funding round thus placed the estimated value of Cloudflare IPO to 3.5 billion dollars, placing it among other prominent IPOs that should be out in 2019 and by 2020.

For now, the exact date when the IPO will be officially released is yet unknown and the price per share still remains to be determined, however, what is known is that Cloudflare IPO should be out in the first half of 2019 according to their plans.

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Other information regarding the upcoming IPO remains confidential, while the sources that asked to be unnamed according to CNBC, stated that Goldman Sachs will be leading the initial public offering. Goldman Sachs reportedly refused to provide any comments on Cloudflare IPO and their involvement in the public offering of this cybersecurity company.

The company is working in the sector of cybersecurity since 2009, and as the industry of cybersecurity is reporting increased growth rates for the past several years, Cloudflare IPO might encounter a favorable dose of interest from investors once its IPO hits the markets.

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