Can Mediatech rival the Fintech industry?

The Mediatech industry is expanding at a safe place. Many people are comparing it with the Fintech industry. There are plenty of companies which are making a mark in the Mediatech industry. There are predecessors as well which have grown into a multibillion dollar companies like Spotify, Netflix etc.

Similarly, there are many start-ups in the Mediatech industry which are serving the consumers.

Any private companies in the Mediatech industry are also valued at more than $ 1 billion. Many of these are start-ups as well. As a result, they are known as the unique on companies. When you look at the top hundred Mediatech unique ones, you will find that there are quite a few of them like drop box, Snap! Etc. many of them have gone public as well.

Also, when you look into the big companies of today’s world like Apple, Microsoft they all had started at some point of time or the other is Mediatech companies. This clearly indicates that the potential in the Mediatech industry is pretty huge. The legacy of these companies still holds as well. That is why; the potential in the Mediatech industry is actually pretty huge.

Even when you look at the media platforms these days in the financial sector like Bloomberg, Computershare you will find that many of them started is Mediatech companies. It was only at a later stage that they changed their business model to one which is more inclined towards financial services.

Owing to the significant increase in the number of Mediatech companies, it is being compared with the Fintech companies as well. As a result, many venture capitalists as well as investors are thinking of investing in the Mediatech companies as well.

Owing to the breakneck speed at which these Mediatech companies are growing, it seems like the sector will not only attract great talent but also great investments as well. In January of this very year it invested in Canva with the valuation of US$ 1 billion. This made the company the latest unique in the Mediatech sector. Similarly, the Mediatech industry is also creating a proper ecosystem for multiple companies to go. Since it is directly in touch with the consumers, the response from the consumers has also been pretty good.

That is why, these days the Mediatech industry is being compared to the Fintech industry. The number of opportunities in both of these industries is pretty high.

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