Degussa and Giromatch collaborate to improve banking services

Degussa and Giromatch collaborate to improve banking services: Degussa Bank and Giromatch, a local fintech firm, has joined hand with each other.

Through this deal, Giromatch would provide intelligent solutions to enable Degussa Bank for smart credit decision making.

Such services will be rendered through the utilization of Giromatch’s white-labeled direct API-based connection and integration of ‘digital account view’ capabilities.

Thus, enabling the bank to optimize its operations by faster disbursement of loans.

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Further, both entities are jointly collaborating to launch a Virtual visa credit-card to shop on Amazon Business.

This card will have a unique feature of enhancing the liquidity position of the customers by offering them longer terms for the repayment of credit.

Initially, for experimental purposes, this product is expected to be available to the corporate customers of the bank.

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