Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon: Amazon Bank? Jeff Bezos And His Involvement With Everything From Amazon To Healthcare Sector Is Overdriving

Just when you think you are done with Jeff Bezos, he comes around with a little something more. It seems unbelievable how you can never virtually think for a second for your business to be safe from Jeff Bezos because in the moment you think so, the next second your bubble of ‘self-assumed happiness’ is like to burst.

Bezos Involvement in The Business Sector Is Pretty Much Evident

The time had not long gone by when the healthcare sector had issued a statement that made one point very clear – Amazon threat is not going to budge anytime soon. The next thing we know is the Bezos, Buffett and Dimon have announced their team to provide healthcare benefits to the Amazon employees.

Details Emerged Via Buffett About the Recent Team Up

Whilst there have not been many details that have emerged in this regard – Buffett did giveaway a little in his interview with CNBC’s morning show. He admitted it that they do realize that their team trio is a little surprising and unlikely but this will surely work towards bringing a great cut down in healthcare costs for the beneficiary employees. He also stated that as a team they are aware that providing healthcare benefits to employees is not difficult but they are aiming towards providing something even better for the employees to avail.

How Does He Answer This Question?

It is rather interesting to see how Buffett has chosen to put his answer into words. His answer to this question is divided into two parts.

  1. He admits that as a team they have been aware of the responsibility that comes their way and are surely talking about it.
  2. Secondly, he also sarcastically quotes there is nothing worse that can be imagined for the US healthcare sector so they are on the right track surely.

Back to Bezos

This brings us back to Bezos. So yes, he is still around and still involved with the US healthcare sector. This is just like you can find him engaged with the grocery department or the roads sector or the banking industry. You cannot imagine your business to be safe from Bezos after all this surely.

Summing Up Reports

Recent reports have emerged that Jess Bezos is also planning his involvement with the banking sector by working on the development of an online bank for Amazon. Whilst many would doubt his intentions – one cannot deny that the main aim of this move is to reach out to a wider number of engaged audiences.

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