Nokia Announces Partnership with Streamr and OSlsoft for Blockchain, Ethereum Smart Contract ERC20 Tokens

The Fin Telecommunication giant Nokia has announced a partnership with the Blockchain data platform Streamr  and California- based software company OSlsoft to enable mobile customers to convert their user data into money and buy products with them.

Nokia-Streamr-OSlsoft Partnership

CEO Henri Pihkala made this partnership announcement Wednesday during the Consensus 2018 conference. In addition to this announcement, Henri Pihkala has also launched a real-time data market project that allows users to make real-time data streams and contribute to them.

Pihkala stated that “today marks a hugely significant day in Streamr’s history, not only showcasing our platform to the world on-stage at Consensus but announcing two stellar partnerships.”

With the partnership with Nokia, Stremar can combined its data with Nokia’s Kuwa base stations to enable Nokia customers to both convert their user data into money and purchase the Internet’s devices from those products.

Nokia’s radio systems development team leader Martti Ylikoski said:

“We recognize a growing movement of empowered mobile customers who want to control and monetize their own data. Our partnership with Streamr reflects our firm belief in the platform.”

Buy and Sell Real-Time Data Streams

Users will be able to buy and sell real-time data streams via Etherereum smart contracts. It was stated that buyers and sellers will use ERC20 tokens called DATAcoin .

The partnership with OSlsoft will enable the company’s enterprise customers to earn money through their transaction data.

Earlier in May, Streamr announced another partnership and announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise would use the Streamr Engine – a data collector and analysis tool – to collect data on feedback from Audi Q2 .

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