Price of Bitcoin: An Uncertain Future Holds – How High Will Bitcoin Go? – Cryptocurrency Bitcoin News Today – Sat May 19

Bitcoin: An Uncertain Future Holds: After recent recovery in the markets, Bitcoin has shot up in its price. But now questions are raised on how high its value get. Impetus in the form of its listing in two major US regulated exchanges namely: CBOE and CME. Despite the unfavorable headlines, the bitcoin did experience the fall, but it regained after the adverse speculations are over.

One of the Independent research analyst Ronnie Moas, is optimistic to an extent that the analyst anticipated that Bitcoin will become one of the valuable currencies in the world. Further, the founder of Standpoint Research also predicated the rise on the value of bitcoin when the value of the currency is touching its lows.

However, such optimism is not shared by everyone. Many other experts are recommending to liquidate their positions in the Bitcoin. Eric Shiffer, a veteran entrepreneur and CEO of Patriarch Equity term the bitcoin as the “bloodiest financial danger of the 21st century”. He further stated, “Right now we are looking at a financial bubble that is bigger than the tulip craze and I believe that we are headed for a bitcoin crash that will supersede any financial worries of the 21st century”.

Others convey their concerns on the inherent volatility in the price of Bitcoin. Any widespread panic among the investors portent a doomsday scenario for the Bitcoin. The valid point in their concern is the ability of the bitcoin to function smoothly once panic got hold of the masses, then the bubble will burst, leaving many is the state of dspair.


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