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Bitcoin prices are going through stormy days. Bitcoin, which dropped to under $ 8000 yesterday yesterday, is trying to hold on to $8,200 today. Can Bitcoin hold on to these levels? Here are the opinions of analysts …

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Bitcoin prices are going through stormy days. Bitcoin, which dropped under $ 8000 yesterday, is trying to hold on to $ 8,200 today.

Traveling to the lowest levels since April 18th, Bitcoin has retreated several times below $ 8,000, but has always returned strongly.

According to analysts, this flexibility indicates that Bitcoin is an important support around this price level.

“There is a lot of support in these levels,” said Iqbal Gandham, UK manager of the eToro social trading platform.

Bitcoin found significant support at $8,000

Charles Hayter, co-founder and CEO of digital money data platform CryptoCompare, gave a similar view to Gandham, saying that Bitcoin found significant support at $ 8000.

eToro’s senior market analyst Mati Greenspan stated that the digital currency provides a long-term trend line and that the strongest support for Bitcoin is $ 7,100.

Any price level can be broken

Another analyst is a bit more cautious about the recent situation in Bitcoin. Crypto money investor Marius Rupsys said, “There is some support at $ 8000 but any price level can be broken. I will stand to see where the price will go. ”

Consensus 2018 didn’t give crypto world a boom

On the other hand, Consensus 2018, the world’s biggest crypto money and Blockchain event, was claimed to bring the expected revival to the crypto money market, but it was not expected.

On this subject, Sunny Lu, Vechain Tech’s CEO of Blockchain-based logistics company, said, “This week’s losses in Bitcoin may be a result of unmet expectations of Consensus 2018. The quality of the projects and speakers was not as good as expected. I think people are disappointed.”

Consensus panels were more like advertisements more than debates

“Many former contributors have said that the panellists look like advertisements far from important debates like last year,” said Alex Kern, a fund analyst at Fundstrat.

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