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Interview with former developer of QTUM, Stephen Xu Xiaolong: QTUM was a relatively lesser known or unknown cryptocurrency till 12 months back. In the last 12 months, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Currently, many of the cryptocurrency investors are trying to figure out whether it is worth investing or not. There is a lot of curiosity about this cryptocurrency. We talked with the former lead developer of QTUM, Stephen Xu Xiaolong in order to find out more about the cryptocurrency.

Exclusive Interview with Stephen Xu Xiaolong – Former QTUM Lead Developer by Chipin

According to him, the biggest problem which is facing most of the cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain technology, in general, is the scalability. As blockchain technology becomes more and more mainstream, it is important for them to have a proper scalability as well. Only with the help of proper scalability, they will be able to attract a lot of users. He also cited the example of Cryptokitties game which was not able to scale up its resources properly. The entire game affected the Ethereum network. As the number of users increased, the blockchain slowed down. As a result, the rest of the Ethereum transactions could not be conducted properly. According to him, it is important to ensure that scalability is possible with blockchain. Only when scalability is possible, it can go mainstream. Otherwise, there is no way blockchain as well as cryptocurrencies can go mainstream.

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He also articulated the fact that many of the authorities as well as governments all over the world are using the blockchain technology in their day-to-day functioning. This is ensuring that the acceptance of blockchain technology and to an extension cryptocurrencies is increasing significantly. When that increases, it will become easier for the companies to increase the number of transactions of their cryptocurrencies. Also, this will lead to more off-line transactions as well. When more off-line transactions happen, automatically the value of cryptocurrencies will increase as well.

At the same point in time, he also highlighted that there are a few risks which are involved like money laundering as well as manipulation of the cryptocurrency prices. Once these risks are sorted out, it will be easier for the users to use cryptocurrencies even in the traditional transactions. This will certainly make the number of transactions which are conducted in cryptocurrencies go up significantly. This is a clear indication that he expects in the future, the circulation of cryptocurrency as well as the acceptance of cryptocurrency will go up manyfold once some of these problems are solved. Source: Chipin

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