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ICX is on the verge of becoming the largest network in the world. The blockchain which is used by ICX is known by the name of Hyperconnectivity. It is consistently impressed the investors ever since it was launched. At the same point in time, the market cap of ICX as a cryptocurrency is also increasing significantly. Currently, it is the 19th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

With that being said, many people think that the $ 5 mark is a historic resistance for ICX. However, this time around things are different. As a result, it has a high probability of crossing the $ 5 mark as well. It has partnered with Samsung. Samsung is a marquee name company and that is why the traction which ICX is gaining is also significant. The technology behind ICX will be adopted by Samsung in its project Samsung pass. As a result, the technology will be used widely. This will also mean that the popularity and credibility of ICX will increase further as well. With the help of this technology, ICX will be able to provide initial joint authentication service to its customers. As a result, proper authentication services will be provided by Samsung. Also, since it will be based on the blockchain technology, each and everything will be done in real time. This will also ensure that the data is completely safe as well.

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ICX is already working on such identification process by the name of Chain ID. This authentication process is already in use. It is the reason why the chances of success of the technology of ICX being used for authentication purposes is pretty high. Moreover, Samsung caters to a wide range of customers. As a result, the technology will directly be used for millions of customers. This will significantly add credibility to ICX. Moreover, Samsung will be using it in its other services as well as products as well which will ensure that ICX becomes more popular.

Also, with the underlying technology in use, the usage of ICX will also increase significantly. As a result, ICX will become more valuable. With that being said, many investors are actually looking at this development as a sign that ICX is on the right track. If indeed, the company is also adopting the technology, the value of ICX can increase even further. This is the reason why it is time that you should look at this cryptocurrency in order to get good returns in the future.

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