European Parliament: Blockchain Technology could be Very Important for Small Businesses

The European Parliament issued a statement about Blockchain. Parliament, said that they think Blockchain could be very important for small businesses.

The Parliament’s Research and Energy committee notes that Blockchain will play a major role for small businesses, as it will speed up the process and speed up the extra cost of the current payment methods; the press release also stated that next month it will be given a suggestion to invest in the next meeting.

Blockchain’s Forward-Looking Technology

The committee, which focuses on technology, especially on non-financial use; including Blockchain’s data control, product supply chain supervision and energy market impact.

Eva Kaili, a member of the committee stated that this meeting is very important aspects of technology; said:

“Today the Industry Committee voted univocally in favour of a forward-looking technology that we expect to change the quality of our life, empower SMEs and improve business models in most industrial sectors … and we aspire to make EU the global leader in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The commission, which wanted to draft a draft law for Blockchain’s projects, in particular innovation-backed and with technological features in the foreground, it will also discuss at a meeting to be held next month. The inclusion of Blockchain-based projects on the European Union budget after 2020 and the increase in the budget of this part are also controversial.

Not Many People Trained at Blockchain

Speaking at Consensus 2018, Eva Kaili said that the use of Blockhain in the European Union countries has increased and they are trying to provide incentives in this direction. Kaili stating his belief that the process is still at the beginning and that will develop itself well over the next few years. Rules and other processes signaled that they would pass by in this period.

Noting that there are not many people trained at Blockchain point in Europe and in the whole of the world, Kaili said, using the following expressions:

“It’s really difficult to educate every politician on blockchain technology … And plus we don’t have too many scientists within”

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