ICON (ICX) to partner more marquee names: Samsung, Line and more blockchain partnerships… – ICON (ICX) News Today

Samsung recently partnered with ICX in order to use the underlying technology for authentication. However, it seems like other marquee names are also partnering with ICX. The recent to join the list is LINE messaging application. The application has over 200 million monthly users.

ICON (ICX) Price Today

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With the help of the underlying blockchain technology, ICX is planning to offer decentralized applications to the users. As a result, the usage of the blockchain underlying the cryptocurrency will increase significantly. According to ICX, they believe that in the future, more companies will join them and will use the efficiencies of the blockchain which powers the cryptocurrency. As a result, they will be able to provide decentralized applications as well as services to various companies. Only once they are able to gain traction, the usage of the blockchain will increase significantly. This will once again increase the valuation of the cryptocurrency as well. Currently, the cryptocurrency is trading around $ 4 mark. However, with the increasing partnerships, the value of the cryptocurrency will increase even further. This is the reason why many experts are positive on ICX as a cryptocurrency. It remains to be seen the other marquee name companies which it ties up with.

For now, however, it seems like the underlying blockchain technology which is used by ICX is widely in demand. There are definitely some efficiencies in the blockchain which is used by ICX. That is why companies are looking to tie up with ICX in order to ensure that decentralized applications can be offered on their platforms.

The versatility is another reason why companies are joining the ICON (ICX)

Moreover, the blockchain which is powering ICX has multiple uses. As a result, it is easy for the companies to utilize them for various purposes. The versatility is another reason why companies are joining the ICX bandwagon in order to increase the efficiencies of their platform. Also, with increasing companies partnering with ICX, the popularity of the cryptocurrency is also increasing significantly. From being a lesser-known cryptocurrency, it is now in the top 20. As a result, investors are also investing in the cryptocurrency in order to reap rich dividends in the future.

Companies are looking to tie up with ICON (ICX)

Increasingly, companies are trying to tap into the blockchain technology in order to ensure that they can provide better services to their customers. Similar is the case with ICX. ICX has already developed the blockchain which can be used for a variety of different purposes and that is why, companies are looking to tie up with ICX in order to increase their efficiencies.

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