Nano News Today: Official wallet of NANO hits legal roadblock

Apple app store is not allowing the official wallet of nano cryptocurrency to be listed on the store. As a result, it is facing a lot of legal roadblocks. This is also hampering the usage of the nano cryptocurrency.

NANO wallet will be encrypted

According to an official statement, nano wallet will be encrypted and it will help the users in using the cryptocurrency in an entirely safe manner. On the other hand, the source code is visible on Github. It will allow the users to send the payments as well as receive payments and also import and export the data from the official nano website as well. As a result, it will allow the users to deal in the cryptocurrency quite easily. Also, currently there are quite a few technical bugs as well as glitches which are impacting the wallet. The development team is trying to fix these. It is due to this very problem that it is not getting a listing on the Apple App Store. Only time will tell whether the wallet is glitch free or not. As the volumes increase thereafter only people will realize whether the experience is smooth or not.

NANO transactions will be entirely free

According to the official statement by nano, the transactions will be entirely free and they can be scaled up as well. As a result, increase in the number of transactions will not have any kind of impact on the network itself. The cryptocurrency is trading around the $ 6 mark. It is not good performance in the last one week. It has been consistently falling in the last one week. The current market capitalization of nano as a cryptocurrency is around $ 800 million. However, many technical analysts believe that nano will reach around $ 10 in the coming time.

NANO wallet will be listed on the Apple’s App Store

According to the developer of nano, Colin LeMahieu, they are working very hard in order to eliminate the glitches which are causing the legal roadblock. Once these glitches are overcome, it will be listed on the Apple’s App Store. Thereafter, users will be able to download it quite easily and use it to store the nano tokens. This will ensure that the usage of the cryptocurrency also increases significantly. It remains to be seen whether they are able to make it legally compliant with the requirements of Apple or whether they are not able to get a listing on the Apple App Store. For now, however, the developers are constantly working in this regard.

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