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Aeternity has been created by Yanislav Malahov. In the past, he was associated with the team of Ethereum. Currently, according to the market cap, Aeternity is at the 29th position. That is why you can assume that it is valued in the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Also, the main aim of Aeternity is to solve the scalability issues if any. As a result, it will be able to provide smart contracts with proper scalability. This will ensure that even when the network is widely used, there will be no problem as well. The number of transactions which can be handled by the network are also pretty high. As a result, it is capable of providing proper solutions pertaining to the blockchain technology.

According to the white paper of Aeternity, the main aim is to ensure that the blockchain architecture which is provided is scalable. As a result, the blockchain technology can be used for a wide variety of applications. Moreover, they intend to make sure that it provides private transactions as well. As a result, anonymity can be provided with the help of blockchain. In addition to that, execution of the smart contracts can be done quite quickly as well. They also focus on the speed of execution of the transactions to ensure that the transactions are executed safely and quickly.

Scaling of the smart contracts:

If you look into the pioneer of smart contracts, it is certainly Ethereum. However, with the launch of decentralized applications and with the usage of different smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain is clogged with various transactions as well as executions of smart contracts. As a result, the speed of the network is significantly reduced as well. That is why these days scalability for decentralized applications is not possible on Ethereum. On the other hand, Zilliqa is a good option if you’re looking to integrate scalability. If you want to even go a step further and get scalability for smart contracts, then Aeternity is one of the best options. It combines best of both the cryptocurrency is that is it offers you off chain settlement of contracts as well as sharding. This ensures that the level of scalability which is provided is much higher. With the help of these both features, it is much ahead of Ethereum and Zilliqa.

Aeternity (AE) price today

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Thus, it is definitely here to stay and it will get popular in the coming few days due to these unique features which we have mentioned in the article above.

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