Tesla is in trouble: Consumers reports point out to problems in Tesla Model 3

Tesla model 3 has become quite popular among the consumers. It is a mass-market product. Moreover, it is an affordable electric sedan. However, from the consumer reports, it has been pointed that there are quite a few issues which are plaguing Tesla model 3. Also, there are indications that the braking features of the Tesla model 3 might not be as good as the publication claims.

Clearly, there are indications that there are very big flaws in the Tesla model 3 braking system. Moreover, the control of the car is not that good enough. The ride quality also is not that good enough. According to Consumer Reports, the braking distance at 60 mph is 152 feet. When you compare it to any contemporary car, this is very bad performance. It is 7 feet longer as compared to an ordinary car like Ford F-150.

In order to conduct this test, it was 1st made sure that the brake pad of the car, as well as the tires, are up to the mark. Thereafter, the car was made to reach a speed of 60 mph. Only after that, the brakes were slammed. The test was conducted multiple times. In between the tests, the brakes were allowed to cool. Also, the braking performance was not that consistent as well. As a result, Tesla model 3 is pretty inconsistent when it comes to the braking power.

Considering the fact that it is stopping after a longer distance, it is a clear indication that the performance is not that good. Even though it might be a product for the mass market but this clearly indicates that people will certainly have problems when it comes to breaking. Moreover, as the distance taken to stop the car is higher than normal, it will certainly take a toll on the driving habits of people. In cases of emergency, the car might not be able to stop quickly. As a result, it will be very difficult for people to have a margin of safety when driving the Tesla cars.

Also, in addition to that, there were issues with the touchscreen as well. Most of the controls of the car can be accessed through the touchscreen. However, the touchscreen is not that responsive. Also, the controls through the touchscreen are pretty complex. The traditional controlling mechanism that is with the help of buttons is absent. As a result, most of the controls are to be utilized through the touchscreen which is actually a complex mechanism.

As a result, it seems like there are quite a few problems with the Tesla model 3.

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