’s Roger Ver and Mate Tokay join the advisory board of a Fintech start-up MoneyToken

CEO Roger Ver and COO Mate Tokay of have recently become advisers for a Fintech start-up. The Fintech start-up goes by the name of MoneyToken. At the same point in time, they will be retaining their current positions at This clearly indicates that there will be synergies between both. This is expected to benefit the Bitcoin Cash community. It is a clear indication that sometime in the future, Bitcoin Cash will be used as collateral on the money lending platform. This is also mentioned in the recent press release.

Roger Ver has not just supported Bitcoin Cash but many other cryptocurrencies. He is also invested in start-ups like ripple, Bitpay, and even Kraken. Also, his own company MemoryDealers was the 1st company online to accept Bitcoin as a payment methods.

MoneyToken, on the other hand, is a lending platform. It loans to only cryptocurrency holders. The currency which is used is a cryptocurrency itself. With the help of the lending, the cryptocurrency holders will be able to easily invest in ICO’s and later on monetize them. Also, they can utilize the loan in order to start trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges as well.

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Joining hands: and Moneytoken will surely be using their synergies in order to better the lending platform. In addition to that, the lending platform will gain a lot more traction with the help of synergies with has millions of visitors each and every month. As a result, any kind of synergy between both of these platforms will benefit the lending platform greatly. Moreover, the landing platform will be no more accessible to the visitors of as well.

Since the target audience of both the platforms is the same, MoneyToken will benefit greatly in the future.

Multiple stakeholders:

On the Moneytoken platform, cryptocurrency miners, as well as traders and even those who are looking to invest in ICO’s, can easily get a loan. As a result, it will be possible for them to increase their investments in cryptocurrencies. This is the reason why each and every stakeholder will benefit from this deal.

Thus, when you look at the synergies which will be created with this deal, you will realize that there are quite a few of them. This is the reason why this syndication is actually beneficial for both the platforms in the longer term. The lending platform especially will be able to get a significant amount of traction.

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