Ripple Predictions: Ripple’s partnership with Apple could increase its value significantly – Ripple News-

Ripple is consistently partnering up with some huge corporations. Some of the corporations with which Ripple has tied up recently include Banco Santander, OnePayFX. However, the most important announcement which most of the ripple cryptocurrency holders are looking forward to is the tie-up with Apple.

If indeed, Ripple is used by Apple, the value of Ripple will increase significantly. In the last 4 to 5 months, Ripple is just stagnating. It has given significantly negative returns when you take into account the impulse which it had experienced in the month of December last year. As a result, the investors who have invested in ripple at a higher level are not able to reap rich dividends.

On the other hand, when you look at Apple, it is the most valued tech company in the world. As a result, the tie-up of Ripple with Apple will certainly increase the valuation of Ripple. In addition to that, it will certainly increase the liquidity in ripple as well. This will mean that it becomes easier for the ripple holders to encash their holding as well. This will also certainly increase the credibility of Ripple. At the same point in time, any such tie-up will ensure that more and more investors invest in ripple. That is why it will significantly propel the price of Ripple forward. In addition to that, such association will bring credibility to the entire cryptocurrency industry. It will be the largest such tie-up. Moreover, Ripple as a protocol will ensure that Apple will be able to transfer money anywhere around the world without any issues.

Moreover, users will be able to transact with ripple quite easily. This will mean that the transactions in ripple increase significantly. Moreover, the protocol will be used by the company as well which will ensure that overall, the value of Ripple increases significantly. This is the reason why any such tie-up will significantly increase the valuation of Ripple as well. This is one of the main reasons why such an announcement is widely anticipated.

In the past as well, Ripple has tied up with many different companies. That is why the protocol is widely tested. As a result, there is a high probability that Apple might use this protocol as well. There are other cryptocurrencies which are also competing for this tie-up like Stellar, however, Ripple is the one which is much more credible as compared to these cryptocurrencies. That is why there is a high probability that Apple might go with ripple. In addition to that, the market cap of Ripple is much higher as compared to other cryptocurrencies. As a result, there is no problem of liquidity as well which will again work in favor of Ripple when it comes to the tie-up in competition with other cryptocurrencies.

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