OmiseGo vs EOS: Which is better between OmiseGo and EOS?

Ever since Bitcoin has fallen from the start of this year, many of the other cryptocurrencies have fallen as well. However, there are quite a few cryptocurrencies which are bucking the trend as well. Also, cryptocurrency world has witnessed quite a few cryptocurrency rivalries as well. There are quite a few pairs of cryptocurrencies which are competing with each other consistently. Two of the cryptocurrencies which are, on the radar of cryptocurrency investors are Eos and OmiseGo. That is why many of the cryptocurrency traders are actually trying to figure out whether they should think about investing in these cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, these cryptocurrencies are even trading in price ranges which are similar to each other. This is one of the main reasons why investors are trying to figure out which of the cryptocurrencies are better.

Developments in OmiseGo:

In both of the cryptocurrencies, there are quite a few developments. We will now speak about the developments in OmiseGo. When you look at scalability, you will realize that due to the technical upgrades, OmiseGo can now handle 1 million transactions each and every second.

The developers of OmiseGo are also working on finishing the Full Plasma DEx. If indeed, it is finished, the transactions will be much faster and proper decentralization can be achieved as well. This will also ensure that transactions from any part of the world are completed through decentralized exchanges.

Developments in Eos:

Eos is slated to launch Dawn 4.0 this very year. As a result, many of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are actually looking forward to this announcement. This will entirely change the blockchain. Moreover, the number of applications which will be compatible with the blockchain will increase significantly as well. As a result, it will be very positive for EOS.

Thus, when you’re comparing EOS and OmiseGo, you have to compare both of them on various parameters. When you look at the market cap of EOS, it is the 5th largest cryptocurrency with the market cap of approximately US$ 11 billion. On the other hand, when you’re looking at OmiseGo, it is ranked at the 23rd position. The market cap is just US$ 1.3 billion. At the current prices, both of them have a decent chance of getting $ 20. However, it cannot be exactly predicted which one will get there before the other. If you’re thinking of investing in any of these cryptocurrencies, it might be a good idea to look into all of these factors and thereafter make a decision of investing in these cryptocurrencyies.

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