Bitcoin Prediction: The reports show that Bitcoin can reach $20,000!

Yesterday, some reports were published stating that Bitcoin could reach $ 20,000 in just six months. The reports set a $ 20,000 target for Bitcoin. Since many investors believe that Bitcoin is much more valuable than this, it is generally believed that a $ 20,000 target is at least for the time being strong for Bitcoin.

The reports show that Bitcoin will test new peaks

Rodrigo Marques, CEO of Brazil’s crypto money trading platform Atlas Quantum, said Bitcoin is expecting to reach $ 20,000 in just six months. You can find the entire report in Market Watch. In this case, we can expect to see Bitcoin reach the new summit by November. If this happens, we can be sure that the rest of the markets will join the rally.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest digital currency on Monday, traded above $ 8,500 in the early hours. Nevertheless, the digital money market has not widened further, and the market has collapsed with the decline of most cryptographic assets. Despite the slow progress of the week, expectations are still high.

Atlas Quantum CEO expects Bitcoin to reach $20,000

Rodrigo Marques, CEO of Atlas Quantum, one of Brazil’s largest crypto trading platforms, said the move below $ 8,000 is a temporary shortfall for Bitcoin, indicating that Bitcoin expects to reach $ 20,000 in six months, he will recapture the levels. But Bitcoin has not approached these levels since December.

We can not predict exactly the movements in the crypto money market

It is very important for people with important authority to read about these issues when they talk about them. We can not predict exactly the movements in the crypto money market , they are variable according to the nature and do not conform to the traditional rules. Sometimes, crypto money does not cause anything to fall. Of course, other external factors such as policy, mainstream finance and general world problems can affect crypto currencies.

We can not really imagine how the crypto currencies will stop because we can not imagine how the world is politically stopping in six months. For this reason we recommend that you do not invest on the recommendation of Rodrigo Marques. Before deciding to invest, invest if you think Bitcoin will come to $ 20,000 in six months. Do not forget investment risk, crypto money is more risky than other investment instruments.

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