Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash: Is Bitcoin Cash Better Than Bitcoin? Can Roger Ver Be Right?

The comparison between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been going on since the inception of Bitcoin cash. Many people think that Bitcoin Cash is actually better. It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin Cash is better or whether Bitcoin is better. When you look at the price movements of the cryptocurrencies, you will realize that Bitcoin Cash has fallen by a significant amount. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash has fallen by approximately 60%. As a result, when it comes to the price movement, Bitcoin Cash is a loss-making proposition for most of the investors.

On the other hand, when you look at the rebound in prices from April 17, you will realize that Bitcoin is up by 15% whereas Bitcoin Cash is up by 92%. This clearly indicates that the rebound in prices will also be more in Bitcoin Cash.

Moreover, when you look into the fundamental factors, you will realize that Bitcoin Cash is much better. When you look into the block size of Bitcoin Cash, you will realize that the block size is bigger. As a result, the number of transactions which can be handled are on the higher side. Owing to this very reason, the verification times are on the shorter side. This clearly indicates that Bitcoin Cash can handle much more transactions as compared to just Bitcoin. This is one of the main advantages of Bitcoin Cash.

On the other hand, when you look at the fees of Bitcoin Cash, you will realize that the fees of Bitcoin Cash is also on the lower side. As a result, Bitcoin Cash can even be used for smaller transactions. This is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin Cash is being used by many different merchants.

When you’re looking into the adoption of Bitcoin Cash, that is also increasing at a rapid pace. Due to the increasing adoption, the network is being used more and more. The miners are also able to mine and make a bigger amount of money. Moreover, as the adoption increases, the market cap of the cryptocurrency will also go up. This will mean that Bitcoin Cash will be much more valuable as well. As a result, whenever you’re looking at Bitcoin Cash, you will easily realize that over a period of time, it will gain a lot of traction. However, whether it actually surpasses Bitcoin or not will be a thing which will remain to be seen.

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