ZCash (ZEC) News Analysis Today: ZCash price movement in May 2018

Ever since the price of Bitcoin is falling, the price of ZCash is increasing consistently. Also, it was recently listed on Upbit which is further supporting the prices. ZCash is currently around the 20th position mark when it comes to market cap. It is changing a place or 2 depending on the intra-day volatility in the cryptocurrency.

Listing on Gemini cryptocurrency exchange:

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange recently listed ZCash. This is one of the main reasons why ZCash has increased recently. It received the approval earlier. However, it will list on 22nd May. As a result, Gemini will certainly induce more liquidity in ZCash. Also, according to the founders of Gemini, ZCash actually provides better anonymity as compared to even Bitcoin. That is why ZCash actually takes Bitcoin a step further. Also, there is higher security as well. As a result, it will be easier for the investors to transact safely in the cryptocurrency. This is one of the main advantages of ZCash.

ASIC mining:

Zcash adopts ASIC mining. In fact, it takes this type of mining to a new high. This will mean that mining will become much easier. Also, with the advanced mining rigs being launched in more variants, it will be easier for the ZCash miners to get the right kind of hardware as well. Once they are able to get the right kind of hardware, it will indeed become easier for ZCash to find more and more miners. This will ensure that the entire network of ZCash works seamlessly without any problems.

Increasing partnerships:

ZCash is increasingly partnering with more and more industries. The latest one to join the list is Starkware Industries. STARK technology from this industry will ensure that additional privacy features are provided to ZCash. In addition to that, proper scalability will be provided as well. When proper scalability is provided, the currency will become even more useful. This will ensure that the price of the currency increases even higher.

Thus, when you look at the recent impulses in the price of ZCash, you will realize that ZCash is actually moving forward due to the fundamental developments. This is one of the main reasons why ZCash is becoming much more popular as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. Also, owing to the increased listings on various cryptocurrency exchanges, it is also gaining more and more liquidity and demand.

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