Decred Coin News: What makes Decred (DCR) coin price to go over $100?

Decred is a lesser-known cryptocurrency. Recently, it was able to increase up to $ 100. However, it has surpassed $110 as well. That is why many individuals are trying to figure out whether it can raise more.

If you look into the performance of Decred in last 7 days, you will realize that it is up by 21%. Also, in the last couple of days as well, it has increased by 3.4%. This is the reason why many investors are actually interested in investing in Decred. However, they do not know about the fundamentals of Decred. That is why they are not able to make a proper decision.

The main advantage of Decred is that the mining of this coin is done through ASCI; as a result, the hash rate is pretty high. This ensures that the coin is actually much more valuable. Also, with more and more hardware being launched which can mine and such a mining hardware is no longer a problem as well.

Also, Decred is tapping into the governments market as well. It is trying to build a blockchain which will enable inclusive governance. As a result, many authorities are looking at the blockchain of Decred. At the same point in time, it is ushering in new layers which will induce privacy as well. As a result, users will be able to easily participate in the blockchain. When you look at some of the most bullish cryptocurrency tokens for 2018, Decred will surely be on that list. This is due to the fact that the blockchain of this particular token can be used for unique purposes. As a result, it will become easier for Decred to stand out among the other cryptocurrency tokens as well.

Also, the demand for Decred is concentrated on some of the cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result, any listing on any other cryptocurrency exchange will lead to huge would spike as well. This will also mean that the cryptocurrency valuation increases by a significant amount. As the valuation increases by the significant amount, most of the investors will be buying. That is why, if you’re thinking of investing in upcoming blockchains, you should definitely look at Decred. However, you need to wait for at least one year in order to get good returns. Only when the liquidity increases when it ties up with various authorities, you can be sure that the blockchain will be used widely. In such a case, the valuation of Decred will increase significantly as well. If you’re expecting a spike in the next one week, it will be a good idea to avoid this particular cryptocurrency.

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Only when you’re willing to wait it out and willing to invest with a period of one year, it will become much easier for you to opt for Decred. You have to keep this factor in mind and thereafter only you can be sure that you will be able to invest in Decred successfully and you will be able to get good returns as well.

3 Things You Need to Know About Decred

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Jon Creasy – Decred Medium – Mar 13, 2017
When you say, “cryptocurrency,” your average Joe may not know to think any more than: “Oh, she means Bitcoin.” In reality though, there are so many more tokens out there than just the infamous BTC. In fact, some estimates say there are as many as 3,657 tokens currently in existence! Today, however, let’s talk about Decred.

To paraphrase Gandalf the White, “Decred is Bitcoin as it should have been.”

The original goal of Bitcoin was to create a “decentralized currency.” This means that there is no one force controlling the currency (in the US’ case, the Fed); Bitcoin would be of the people, for the people. As great an idea as this was, however, Bitcoin soon became controlled by an “oligarchy,” so to speak. A group of miners were fortunate enough to own expensive mining equipment that allowed them to control the supply and demand (aka the price) of Bitcoin. Some developers weren’t happy, so they struck out on their own.

Enter Decred! A few of the original Bitcoin developers had a vision. They dreamed of a currency that was purely decentralized, with no room for power-hungry oligarchies.

Decred makes sure miners and users have the same amount of influence.
This was a great improvement from Bitcoin, but that’s not all Decred can do. What if Soni, a brilliant developer, has an idea that could revolutionize Bitcoin? Unfortunately there is no way for her to easily propose and help implement that idea in the current Bitcoin system. But because Decred believes their biggest strength is their community, they welcome Soni and her proposal. With help from other Decred community members, Soni’s idea flourishes, and Decred grows exponentially. This happens all the time!

Decred encourages members of their community to make the system better.
Decred officially launched on February 8, 2016, and it has made leaps and bounds of progress this past year. They were just recently invited to present at a Coinbase talk, and since then prices have jumped dramatically. At launch last year, 1 Decred was worth about $1.20. Today, it hit $5.30!

Bitcoin may be the superpower in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world for now, just as Netscape was once a superpower. Then the internet came along. Decred may not be the internet, but such improvements are coming. It would be in all our interests if people started paying attention to this particular cryptocurrency. It has vision.

Decred is up and coming, and you should pay attention.

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