Bitcoin Private (BTCP) vs Bitcoin Gold (BTG): What are the latest developments in Bitcoin forks?

Any fork of Bitcoin is pretty important. People always pay attention to the various forks of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is still in use as well. That is why it is also necessary to pay attention to the latest Bitcoin forks.

The latest Bitcoin forks are Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin Private. Today, we will be shedding some light on the news which is doing the rounds for Bitcoin gold as well as Bitcoin Private.

Bitcoin Private News Today

Over the last couple of weeks, Bitcoin private has fallen consistently. That is why investors are now worried whether it will rise in the future or not. Also, the sentiment is still negative. However, when you look at the longer term prospects of Bitcoin Private, you will realize that it is significantly bright. That is why in the longer term investors are still positive on Bitcoin Private. Also, with Rhett Creighton news going out of the way, there is no negative news for the Bitcoin Private. This is positive news for Bitcoin Private.

Moreover, Bitcoin Private team is trying to better the network as well. As a result, the circulation of the cryptocurrency will increase significantly. Also, it is being listed on HitBtc and next move is Binance. This will increase the liquidity significantly. tags: bitcoin private price, bitcoin private reddit, bitcoin private exchange, bitcoin private mining, bitcoin private twitter, bitcoin private fork date, bitcoin private coin, bitcoin private coinmarketcap

Bitcoin Gold News Today

On the other hand, when you’re thinking about Bitcoin Gold, the prices have not fallen significantly. After hitting a high of $ 77, they are just down by around $ 10. It will also be listed on one of the largest exchanges Poloniex. As a result, an impulse is expected pretty soon. If indeed, there is an impulse, the prices will go beyond the all-time high as well. This will be usually positive for most of the Bitcoin gd holders. Also, in the future, it is slated to cross $ 100 as well when it gets listed on more exchanges.

Latest Bitcoin forks

Thus, if you’re monitoring the latest Bitcoin forks, these are the news which you have to keep in mind. Accordingly, you have to take your investment decisions so that you are able to invest in the right cryptocurrencies at the right time. Only when you are able to choose the right Bitcoin Fork, you will be able to make significantly higher amount of money. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to make significant amount of money. Not each and every Bitcoin Fork is profitable. Owing to this very reason, it is important for you to choose wisely. Moreover, you have to diversify your portfolio as well which will ensure that you are not losing money.

What Caused Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Market Cap Growth?

Hadeplatform – After the listing of Bitcoin Private (BTCP) in coinmarketcap, it was proven that negative market forces do not take into consideration whether a coin was just listed or has long been in existence before it is reduced in value. BTCP is a Bitcoin (BTC) hard fork following Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

Between March 10, 2018, and March 31, 2018, its value reduced from $65.82 to $24.4, which represents a percentage decrease of 169.64%. Within this same duration, when the market was bearish for most cryptocurrencies, its trading volume dropped from 290,521 to 256,142 which represents a percentage decrease of 13.42%.

However, the second quarter of 2018 has been favorable to Bitcoin Private (BTCP), especially since April 1st. Conditions that made growth possible include the following:

1) Increased Mining Activities

Increase in mining activity helps a coin to increase in price and survive negative market forces. At present, there are more than 20 million Bitcoin Private (BTCP) in circulation when compared to a BTC volume of less than 17 million. This has continuously increased the price of BTCP throughout this time period.

2) Increase in Value

Within this duration, the value of Bitcoin Private (BTCP) increased by $22.10 and has a percentage increase of 91.32% due to the price change from $24.20 to $46.30, though it attained the highest value of $57.21 on April 22, 2018.

3) Increase in Trading Volume

The trading volume of Bitcoin Private (BTCP) increased from 203,537 to 2,375,420, which is an increase in trading volume of 1067.07% within this duration.

4) Gains Against USD and BTC

Perhaps the best news for Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is the fact that it is gaining presently against U.S dollar and Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin (BTC) seems to have a negative change against U.S dollar, but Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has more than 5% increase against both US dollar and Bitcoin (BTC).

From these four factors, it can easily be seen why Bitcoin Private (BTCP) was able to hit the $1 billion market capitalization. Now, the question remains will things continue to look up for BTCP as the crypto market attempts to rebound?

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