Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bitcoin price might increase to $11,500 pretty soon – Bitcoin (BTC) News Today

Bill Baruch, is cryptocurrency investor who has correctly predicted the slump in Bitcoin prices. He has again issued a statement which is states that Bitcoin prices will increase to $ 11,500.

He is also the president of blueline futures. They keep a track record of the Bitcoin price and the volatility in Bitcoin. When in February 2018, Bitcoin had fallen to $ 7200, Baruch it correctly predicted that Bitcoin will increase to $ 10,000. This is what is happening exactly as well. In March once again, Bitcoin had risen to around $ 13,000.

Longer term positive for Bitcoin:

He is also confident that Bitcoin will start increasing again pretty soon. This is because the taxation issues on Bitcoin are a thing of the past. Also, people who were selling Bitcoin in order to pay the taxes are done and dusted with as well. As a result, Bitcoin will certainly increase to $ 11,500. This is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin is increasing as well.
He is also of the opinion that the other Altcoins will increase significantly as well. When you look at the other virtual cryptocurrencies as well, you will realize that they are in a bearish trend as well. When Bitcoin increases consistently, the other cryptocurrencies will also increase.

Also, the selling pressure in Bitcoin is actually decreasing gradually. As a result, the downward momentum is also decreasing. This is a clear indication that in the future, Bitcoin can increase significantly.

Bullish predictions:

Many of the people actually think that Bitcoin is just at the start. Other cryptocurrencies, as well as Bitcoin, will increase significantly in the future.
According to billionaire Tim Draper, who has vast experienced in the tech industry, Bitcoin can even increase to $ 250,000 by 2022. That is why the predictions for Bitcoin are actually pretty bullish. You have to keep this factor in mind and after that only, you have to think about investing in Bitcoin. When you’re investing for the longer term, surely you can assume that you will be able to get 20% per annum. That is why $ 11,500 does not seem far when you take into account that it is currently trading around $ 8500.
With most of the regulatory issues being sorted pertaining to Bitcoin, investors will invest in Bitcoin in a significant amount. As a result, the movement in Bitcoin will certainly increase in the coming few days as well. This will in turn propel Bitcoin into new territory. Tags: btc stock, btc price usd, bitcoin price usd, bitcoin news, bitcoin price prediction today, bitcoin price prediction 2019, bitcoin price prediction 2018, bitcoin price prediction 2025, bitcoin price prediction 2020, bitcoin price prediction today usd, bitcoin price prediction 2030

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