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There have been quite a few allegations against Iota. The latest allegation is that the members of iota are actually making wild threats to anyone who criticizes their projects.

Ralf Rottmann who is also on the board of directors of iota has remained silent about these allegations. This clearly indicates that the team members of iota are increasingly getting more and more desperate. That is why they are threatening each and every member who is criticizing their projects. This is been going on for quite some weeks. That is why investors are actually not sure whether they should be worried about iota or whether this is just a side problem. The truth is that the hash function in iota is actually flawed. It can be used to forge the signatures as well. As a result, holding the cryptocurrency is not entirely safe. That is why the systems need to be developed in order to secure the currency. Only when the currency is secured, investors can think about investing in iota.

Should investors of iota be worried?

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Bitcoin (BTC)

Currently, iota is trading around above levels. According to the price movement is of iota since the new spike to come out, there is nothing to be worried about. It has remained more or less stagnant. Also, many investors believe that by the year-end, it can rise to as high as $ 11. If indeed, it rises to those levels, the number of returns which it be made by the investors will be significant. That is why it is important for the investors to hold iota currently.

Also, in the future the developers might try and fix these problems as well. If indeed, these problems are fixed, it will very easy for iota to actually serve as the current valuations and head towards $11 as well. All will be dependent on the development which is going on in iota.

Moreover, it remains to be seen whether there is any fundamental announcement for iota or not. If indeed, there is any kind of fundamental announcement, the price of iota can increase at a significant pace. It will not take 6 months in order to cross the higher levels. All depends on how the development team is handling these allegations. If indeed, they are keeping away from this petty talk, the controversy will die down pretty soon. However, if they continue with the same, it will become very difficult for the controversy to die down and eventually, the price will be impacted as well. As a result, it is important for the developers to keep away from such controversies.

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