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Investors are trying to figure out whether they should invest in Bytecoin currently are not. You need to always understand that when it comes to Bytecoin, you have to look at the transactions which are processed by it. Once you look into the transactions, you will realize that it is gaining more and more popularity. The underlying technology of Litecoin is Cryptonote. Cryptonote ensures that all the transactions from different users are processed in a completely private manner. As a result, there is no worry of the transactions getting disclosed as well. In addition to that, only the 2 parties will be able to easily detect the stakeholders involved. Other than them, nobody will be able to trace the transactions through the blockchain.

Also, different transactions can involve different cryptocurrencies which ensures that cross-party transfers are possible as well. Owing to complete decentralization, it is easy for Bytecoin to become quite popular.

Bytecoin Price Today

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bytecoin (BCN)

 It has risen by over 300% in the first 6 months of 2018. But it has gone back. This clearly indicates that there is more room for upward movement as well. Indeed, when the tide turns for most of the cryptocurrencies, Bytecoin will increase significantly as well. This clearly indicates that if you’re thinking of investing in Bytecoin at the current levels, you will be able to make a good amount of return.

Privacy is always in demand

In the current situation, the cryptocurrencies which are providing you with privacy are always in demand. That is why Bytecoin is also in demand as well. Moreover, since the blockchain is easy to use and the transactions performed cannot be traced, you can be sure that in the future, Bytecoin will become quite popular as well.

Also, when you look into the community supporting Bytecoin, you will realize that the community support is increasing due to the efficiency of Bytecoin. As a result, privacy is increased and community support will certainly make Bytecoin much more famous. This needs to be taken into account and after that only, increase in Bytecoin efficiency will be made possible.

fundamental factors

You have to understand all of these points and thereafter only, you can be almost sure that Bytecoin can be invested in. Once you look into these fundamental factors, it will be easier for you to look into Bytecoin as an investment. Tags: bytecoin news, bytecoin value, bytecoin wallet, bytecoin mining, bytecoin reddit, bytecoin buy, bytecoin future, bytecoin exchange

‘Bytecoin (BCN) Not Pump and Dump Scheme,’ says BCN Team on Reddit

MAY 25, 2018 – The team at Bytecoin (BCN) had realized a need to communicate with the fans and HODLers of the coin and answer some questions by the community to clarify the progress of the project. It is with this acknowledgment that the team held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit that concluded on the 16th of this month. In the AMA, lots of questions were asked with respect to the coin, the road-map and other issues that were concerning the community. The AMA was successful and had the following questions answered.

Many in the Bytecoin community have been wondering if the coin and project was a pump and dump affair; especially after the debacle that happened when the coin was added on Binance on the 8th of May. With respect to this event, the Bytecoin team responded by saying that they have no control over what direction the price of the coin takes. All they can control is the underlying software of the coin. They also added that Binance never gave them information on a time of the listing as earlier assumed by the community.

Also of concern to the community, was the issue of BCN debit cards and an updated roadmap. The team at Bytecoin was able to elaborate that the debit card project has had some setbacks and they will be updating the community as soon as they have news. With respect to the road-map, the team requested for patience as updates will be available soon.

The project has also been experiencing issues with the WebWallet. The team has been tirelessly working on solving issues of 2FA (two-factor authentication) and refunds. They promised to find a solution and recommended the desktop version of the BCN wallet for use as these issues were sorted.

With respect to partnerships and listings on exchanges, the team also promised good news with time. They are currently working on some partnerships and increasing the coin’s visibility in the markets by having it listed in more exchanges.

Last but not least, in terms of the questions asked, was the rescheduling of the hard-fork. The team explained that hard-forks are usually complex in terms of the technicalities involved and will be updated on when the event will happen. The BCN hard-fork is meant to simplify the code, improve P2P protocol and introduce dynamic fees.

More with respect to the AMA can be found on Reddit where the team gives more detailed responses to the community’s concerns.

Current market analysis of Bytecoin (BCN) indicates that it has decreased by 7.35% in 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.008648 at the moment of writing this. The general feel of the market is of a slight decline with Bitcoin (BTC) currently trading at $8,339 and down 2.13% in the last 24 hours.

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