Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: What to expect from Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic (ETC) News Today

If you look into the top 10 most traded cryptocurrencies, you will find that Ethereum classic has been on that list for the past couple of weeks. However, it has fallen by around 33% in the recent past as well. This is the reason why investors do not actually know whether it will increase in the future or whether it will fall even more.

The high around March was $ 32. From those levels, it is fallen to $ 18. This is a clear indication that it is in the downward trend. Most of the investors are trying to figure out whether the downward trend is temporary or whether the downward trend will indeed continue. Also, the stability of Ethereum classic is being questioned by many investors as well.

In addition to that, when you’re looking into the market cap of Ethereum classic, it is on top 15 as it is present at the 15th position. It is contained the initial blockchain of Ethereum. Moreover, the security is on the higher side when it comes to Ethereum blockchain. There is no hacking attempt or malware or any other manipulation in Ethereum classic blockchain. That is why it is still valued as well.

Also, hardware wallet can be easily used for the storage of Ethereum classic. This is one of the main advantages of Ethereum classic. According to the data available on the Internet, there are 15 different pools for mining the Ethereum classic. This clearly indicates that miners are active as well. The team behind Ethereum classic is also consistently expanding. The community is increasing as well. As a result, the value of Ethereum classic will certainly go up as well.

Also, the development team is consistently trying to increase the volumes as well so that the liquidity of Ethereum classic increases significantly. This will reduce the fluctuations as well. As the volatility is reduced, the price of the cryptocurrency will also go up.

Even though Ethereum classic will not provide you with the exponential results but if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency which rises continuously and provides you with good returns over a longer period of time, Ethereum classic is the one which you should definitely look at. If you want some stability in your portfolio, you should definitely look at Ethereum classic as it will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get good returns quite easily over a longer period of time. Instead of ignoring it, it is important to conduct the due diligence on Ethereum classic. Tags: ethereum classic chart, ethereum classic wallet, ethereum classic mining, ethereum classic reddit,ethereum classic vs ethereum, buy ethereum classic, ethereum classic future, ethereum classic prediction

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