Goldman Sachs backed Fintech start-up Plaid gains traction in North America

Plaid is the Fintech start-up which is backed by Goldman Sachs. It is also pretty popular in the North American continent. It helps users manage their finances. This Fintech companies are actually connecting their application with various mobile banking applications. In addition to that, it is also connected with Venmo and Robinhood. It is trying to create an ecosystem with the help of which, it can automatically manage the finances of the investor. If indeed, that happens, it will surely be able to gain a lot of traction. Moreover, since it is backed by Goldman Sachs, it certainly has the resources to do so.

Backing by Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs has funded the start up with $ 44 million. Plaid was looking for the Fintech in order to expand internationally. This is exactly what they did. On Tuesday, Plaid clearly stated that they are now available for Canadian citizens as well. The Canadian dollars as a currency is also available in their application. This clearly states that Canadian citizens will be able to use the application without any kind of delay.

Global Mission:

According to the co-head of Goldman Sachs investment partners, Christopher Dawe, Plaid is being used by millions of users each and every day. The main advantage of this application is that it is connected with thousands of different apps. As a result, Plaid is used by millions of users each and every day. With the release in Canada, the app will gain even more traction. According to the CEO of Plaid, the aim is to make financial management easier for each and every citizen. They are not just restricted to United States but have a global mission to make it easier for investors to manage their financial life.

API access:

Plaid is using API access in order to offer various Fintech products to the individuals. Also, it is securely accessing the bank account of the customers as well. As a result, it is easier for you to keep a track of their financial life as well. An example of Plaid is its tie-up with TransferWise. TransferWise offers cross-border payment solutions to its users. It is directly connected with Plaid. As a result, any transactions which the users are making will be directly reflected in the application without any issues. As a result, it is completely automated in nature.

Plaid’s tie-up is not just with a single application. It has tie-up with many different start-ups like Zenefits and Gusto. As a result, users will be able to use these applications in order to automatically track the financial transactions. Tags: plaid zach perret, plaid address, plaid valuation, plaid william hockey, plaid crunchbase, plaid technologies review, plaid revenue, plaid financial

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