Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Gives Mission to Bush’s Administration Prosecutor

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency stock exchange Kraken has brought Mary Beth Buchananas a legal adviser. He as at the federal prosecutor’s office, in charge of legal affairs of former US President George W. Bush.

According to the daily trading volume of the world, the 8th largest cryptocurrency exchange and the daily average of $385 million of transactions have been realized; Buchanan, who previously worked for a law firm named Bryan Cave, is expected to assume a key role.

Kraken’s CEO Jesse Powell stated before that he is disturbed by the New York prosecutor’s office and the regulations about cryptocurrency. Buchanan is expected to reside in New York and serve as a bridge between the two sides.

The New York prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into 13 famous cryptocurrency exchanges, including Kraken. Powell’s intense reaction. Prosecutor Eric Scheinderman, a member of the team, said he would resign because of the harassment charge, but the inquiry will continue. – CCN

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