Binance to list SkyCoin (SKY) on its platform – SkyCoin News Today

Binance is all set to list Skycoin on the platform. The scheduled update will take place on 24th of July. It has already made an announcement in this regard.

Detailed announcement:

According to the official statement which is released by Binance, it will operate the system which will at the most take 30 minutes. However, in different time zones, it can take a bit longer. As a result, users might experience some kind of disruption in service.

Binance is actually an international cryptocurrency exchange. It can be operated in multiple languages. That is why any new listing will actually gain a lot of traction. It will help the coin in gaining lot of volume as well.

Even though, Binance has not clearly announced that it will list Litecoin but there are already rumors that this upgrade is related to the listing of Skycoin. That is why users are trying to figure out whether it will syndicate the listing on Binance or not.

Mixed reactions:

There are mixed reactions when it comes to this announcement by Binance. According to some of the reactions, users are actually confused as to why Binance has not announced this on their own website and they have only announced it on Twitter. That is why a lot of users are actually confused.

Also, according to some of the users, the price of Skycoin will surely go skyrocket. As a result, many investors are thinking of buying Skycoin as well.

Skycoin offers a blockchain which is much more advanced as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. Some of the features of the blockchain of Skycoin include:

  • Skycoin offers faster transactions settlement time.
  • Skycoin is entirely decentralized.
  • Skycoin is entirely anonymous.
  • Sky ledger is completely decentralized.

Skycoin is currently trading around $ 32.6. As a result, there is a significant amount of appreciation which is expected. The current market cap of Skycoin is around $ 293 million. In the past 24 hours, it has increased by around 28%. In many of the cases, whenever there is listing by an exchange, the price of the cryptocurrency increases significantly. This is the reason why the price of Skycoin is also increasing rapidly.

Whether it is able to sustain this improvement or not is a thing which remains to be seen. Many of the investors think that this is actually an impulse and it will not sustain. That is why investors are still waiting out in order to figure out whether it will sustain or not. Only when it will sustain, it will be easier for the users to invest in Skycoin for a longer period of time. In that period of time, they will just be adopting the wait and watch approach. Tags: buy skycoin, skycoin wallet, skycoin price, sky coin reddit, skycoin coinmarketcap, skycoin bitcointalk, sky coin price prediction, skycoin twitter

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