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The number of cryptocurrency tokens available are plenty. More and more companies are launching their own ICOs. New tokens are getting added on a weekly basis. At the same point in time, most of the tokens which are being launched to these days are based on the Ethereum platform. Thus, it is a bit easier to understand the basics of various tokens.

This, however, does not indicate that investing in them is an easier task. The problem is that with so many blockchain and token options, it is becoming difficult for these companies to find traction among developers as well as corporates. As a result, making an investment decision is also becoming more difficult.

Two of the cryptocurrencies which are gaining attention from the investors include Icon as well as Tenx. We will today shed some light on both of these cryptocurrencies to help you understand which one you should invest in.

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Icon vs Tenx:

Tenx has the aim of making cryptocurrencies easier to spend. It is devising a debit card with the help of which, cryptocurrencies can be easily spent. As it definitely has a sound plant, it was able to raise around $ 64 million in the ICO.

On the other hand, ICON is aiming to build the largest decentralized network. It was able to raise around $ 43 million during the ICO. As the ICO came out in 2017.


The main aim of Tenx is to allow the cryptocurrency holders to spend freely. As a result, it is breaking the monopoly of the financial companies. It is creating a proper payment channel with the help of debit cards. The name of the payment channel which it is trying to establish is COMIT. COMIT stands for cryptographically securing off chain multi-asset instant transmission network. Tenx is also trying to get its own banking license in order to issue debit cards. The main aim of Tenx is to create a payment system with the help of which, any cryptocurrency can be bought. This will ensure that there is proper synchronization between the Fiat currency and the cryptocurrencies.


On the other hand, when you look at the icon, it is trying to build a decentralized network. The blockchain will be connected to multiple channels. As a result, it will be able to create the largest decentralized network. Nexus is being used to connect multiple blockchains and usher in communication between them.

As you can see, both of these companies are coming out with different solutions. That is why, it is up to the investors to decide the type of blockchain or the product in which they want to invest in.

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