Ripple Amazon Parnership Speculation: Why Amazon might adopt Ripple (XRP) this year? Ripple Forecast 2018

Ripple is gaining a lot of traction among users lately. Also, it has been used by 75% of the banks in the world. It is also being used by a wide host of other financial institutions as well.

With so many banking and finance institutions already using ripple, it makes a lot of sense that Amazon will start using Ripple. Even though the use won’t be right away but it is surely going to adopt it in 2018.

Affordable and safety transactions for Amazon with Ripple:

Amazon has been waiting for a cryptocurrency which is not only affordable but also less volatile as well. Ripple is both of these characteristics. In fact, the fees in reply on the lower side as well. As a result, sellers will not have to worry about high fees as well. This is the reason why Amazon might be looking at ripple. If you take into account the fees of Ripple, they are just 0.00001 XRP. As a result, the fees will be quite low even if Ripple reaches to as high as $ 10. As a result, Amazon might easily partner with ripple.

Increased supply means lower volatility for Ripple

As the supply size increases in ripple, the volatility will go down. Already, millions of Ripple tokens are in an escrow service. As a result, the supply can be created quite easily as well. This will ensure that the volatility is reduced. When the volatility is reduced, automatically the cryptocurrency will be very easy to use. As a result, there will be no problem in buying or selling with the cryptocurrency.

Low price per coin for XRP

Ripple is one of the very few cryptocurrencies which have a low price per coin. As a result, people will be able to buy it quite easily. This will mean that they are not scared of buying the ripple cryptocurrency. As a result, they will be transacting in cryptocurrency even more often.

Also, Ripple is currently trading around $ .61. As a result, there will be no problem for most of the people to think about buying ripple in order to transact. This is the reason why Amazon might think towards integrating ripple into the payment options which it provides.

Instant transfers with Ripple XRP coin on Amazon

Ripple provides instant transfers and verifications of transactions. As a result, the transactions can be completed quite easily. This will ensure that the merchants are able to dispatch the products in a faster way as well. This is another reason why Amazon might integrate ripple.

Thus, even though Amazon has not released an official statement but it seems like, Ripple is the perfect match for Amazon. Tags: ripple amazon partnership, amazon ripple xrp, amazon ripple coin, amazon xrp, ripple news, ripple amazon uber, amazon cryptocurrency

Ripple (XRP) Price Today

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Expect Ripple (XRP)-Amazon (AMZN) Partnership Speculation To Rise Again

Some things can’t just go away, however much we may want them to. Such is the situation when you try to understand the constant speculation about a partnership between Ripple (XRP) and (AMZN). The rumor that first began the speculation frenzy appeared early December 2017. Since then, the word on the street in 2018 is that this is a deal all but waiting to be sealed.

Why the constant speculation about an Amazon deal won’t end soon?

The reasoning is hinged on Amazon’s need to integrate their business with emerging technology trends that will help cement their dominance. One of these technological advancements comes in the form of blockchain via cryptocurrency.

This scenario leads to one big question. If Amazon wanted to have a crypto as the payment currency for their giant online presence, what options do they have?

They will likely look at the top 10 or 20 cryptocurrencies. And honestly, not many of them offer as good a platform as Ripple’s XRP. It is scalable, reduced risks of wild price swings and interoperates different networks. Out of the top 10, only LTC comes close to being able to challenge XRP. Ripple’s appeal is the associated end-user experience.

It’s easier for the millions of customers on to relate to payments calculated in XRP than in BTC or even LTC for that matter. The value of Bitcoin makes it unsuitable for the common shopper. Paying for items using 100XRP is easier to understand than 0.0002BTC.

Given a choice, therefore, the former provides the end user experience suitable for Amazon’s business model.

Ripple (XRP) is a popular top cryptocurrency, supporting an ecosystem of brilliant solutions for banks, payment providers, and businesses. The RippleNet offers three blockchain solutions in the form of xRapid, xCurrent, and xVia. All these solutions are geared towards making money move easily, faster and cheaply. Ripple has been relentless in their efforts to have banks and financial providers adopt these solutions.

Major partnerships with banks around the globe have seen its xCurrent platform being piloted and used; payment providers like MoneyGram, LianLian Payments, and others are in the process of using xRapid to source for liquidity. And just the other day, Ripple announced the addition of five new xVia customers to their growing list of users. These are FairFX, Exchange4Free, RationalFX, UniPAY, and MoneyMatch.

According to Ripple, “They will leverage xVia’s standard API solution to power payments through RippleNet and access new markets, including emerging markets faster and more efficiently.”

With more and more businesses utilizing Ripple, it means that it’s only a matter of time before the big boys join the team.

xVia for Amazon Pay?

Amazon’s move to partner some of the major banks to develop a product aimed at the younger generation of consumers and those without bank accounts could be a sign XRP may be used at some point. It also seeks to have Amazon Pay, a payment product in the ilk of PayPal, used at brick and mortar stores. Ripple’s xVia could be a solution the e-commerce giant may consider.

What else may accelerate a Amazon – Ripple partnership?

Competitiveness is a very big part of business management. Therefore, expect to see the speculation gain more currency if another big player like Alibaba decided to integrate one of the cryptocurrencies. It would naturally mean that the others will have to follow suit.

Also to be considered is the recent deal that saw Verge partner Mindgeek. The pioneering influence of the adult industry on technological adoption will play a role in mainstream companies following suit. It won’t be surprising if the Amazon-Ripple speculation gained a lot more momentum in coming days.

However, it is possible that this Amazon Ripple partnership may not be happening any time soon.

There’s the not subtly hidden fact that Amazon has had their own ideas about the use of cryptocurrency in their business. In fact, when the company moved to register some crypto- related domain names, a lot of weight was added to the fact that it was only a matter of time before the retail giant ventured into cryptocurrency.

Until concrete steps are taken by either side to indicate a possibility, it would be safe to conclude that all these rumors will be just that. It would be wise for investors to temper their excitement to avoid getting carried away. The cryptocurrency industry is still growing and much of what is likely to happen will generate a great deal of hype.

Amazon Partnership Speculation High For Ripple (XRP) As Markets Go Crazy

The internet is abuzz on the green candles being observed by traders over the past few hours. Bitcoin (BTC) is up 13% and is currently trading at $7,759. Ethereum (ETH) is also exhibiting some action and has risen 11.65% to trade at $463. Looking at Litecoin (LTC) it has been dethroned from the number 5 spot by EOS (EOS) which has been doing tremendously well with 31% gains in 24 hours and currently trading at $8.79. Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $122 and Ripple (XRP) has done 11% gains to trade at $0.55 at the moment of writing this.

Perhaps all these gains are what Abra CEO, Bill Barhydt, was talking about when he said All Hell Will Break Loose as soon as the big time investors start investing in cryptocurrencies. One such big time investor that has been on the mouths of many Ripple traders is and whether there is a partnership in the offing for the Crypto-verse between the two projects.

Speculation of an Amazon partnership were first seen in the Crypto-verse late last year. The idea behind the speculation hinged on the reliability of XRP during transactions. The coin is known for 3.3 second transaction speeds and $0.0004 charges per transactions. All qualities a giant online retailer  and wholesaler like Amazon would like to have as part of its online payment settlement options moving into the future.

The same speculation was seen earlier on in March this year. This time round, XRP blockchain solutions were suggested as being ideal for Amazon’s fleet management system on top of the revolutionary payment solutions. Of noteworthy mentioning, is the new Kentucky Airport hub Amazon is building for its global business. Such a hub needs fast and reliable blockchain software solutions.

The Amazon partnership speculation was also mentioned in the youtube video by Chronic Crypto that had predicted that XRP will jump to $24.48 by the end of the year, and after the current market crash or dip is over.

After the last few hours, one can easily assume that the crash is finally over and All Hell Is Breaking Loose in the Crypto-verse. It looks like the time is now for a Moon Landing for all coins including our beloved XRP.

The Price of Ripple Will Keep Rising Slowly

The cost of $XRP, and all crypto throughout the board will continuously rise over the upcoming season. This as the general public and large financiers brings more money to the table. However, when those rates stabilize, the large currency supply of $XRP will lead to reduced fluctuations in price.

It takes a great deal to move a fund of 100 billion coins. Consider the United States dollar. We don’t see enormous fluctuations in USD just because of capitalists in Asia, or around the world, choosing to dump their portfolio of USD.

Sell 1000 Bitcoins And You Swing The Price

While 100 billion RIPPLE is tiny compared with the trillions of USD in motion, $XRP is also not likely to see the same degree of adoption as the USA dollar.

Think about it another way: an 18-year-old sitting on a hard disk drive of ONE THOUSAND mined Bitcoin from 2014 can significantly change the price of $BTC for a day or even longer. Imagine the pandemonium for the likes of if their crypto rate point fluctuated significantly from the moment an individual puts an item in their shopping cart to the point of check-out.

It harms their ability to efficiently correlate product costs and it’s baffling to the consumer.

Price Point Is Important to Amazon

Amazon has no control over what the markets may determine, but they have to watch out for whales resting on tons of $BTC that could sink or raise the price point ad-lib. $XRP is certainly not immune to price alterations or early-investors keeping an asymmetric portion of the currency, but its sizable supply does offer a barrier to private auctions.

The gradual creep of RIPPLE to 0.85 USD has been relatively mild compared with the likes of Bitcoin and the fork of Bitcoin Cash. Once $XRP hits big exchanges like Coinbase and gets to higher market concentration, the price will take an initial leap and then level off.

Ripple is Consumer Friendly is about the end user. No cryptocurrency will ever get a place on Amazon’s website if it cannot show itself to be good for the user experience. Crazy processing fees and sluggish purchase times are contradictory to this rule.

What’s easier for a layperson to understand: a rate of 0.00005 Bitcoin, or 3 RIPPLE? The crypto-fan or financial expert can see past this problem, but perhaps not so much the average-joe website user.

There are thousands of Crypto’s out there but we have to ask the question, how many of them care about the end user? Or are they just get rich quick schemes?

Get Rich Quick?

Hedge funds, banking institutions, and Amex have all signed on as substantial supporters of RIPPLE. $XRP has created something that few other cryptos have managed to do so far. A digital currency that pre-existing companies are not only ready to use, but will benefit from doing so.

Most of the other Cryptos are fighting ‘the man’, Ripple wants to help ‘the man’! is most likely one of the significant customers to take this step in 2018. A business giant like Amazon can’t ignore digital currency anymore. They are in dire need of an altcoin that offers quick financial transaction times without having the crippling TX charges of Bitcoin’s current system.

XRP The Solution

$XRP offers a solution to those issues. While also offering a payment solution that is being backed by the financial institutions. While it’s hard to say what direction will take with regard to cryptocurrency. XRP/Ripple appears one of the most sensible choices currently.

But… this is a crazy world and tomorrow the story may be different. Who knows!

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