Litecoin vs Ethereum: Can Litecoin (LTC) exceed the value of Ethereum (ETH)? Price Predictions 2018

According to recent developments, Ethereum is exceeded by the total hashrat to Litecon for Blockchain. This shows that Litecoin’s Blockchain is safer than Ethereum for all purposes. Does Litecoin exceed the value of Ethereum?

Litecoin has exceeded the value of Ethereum with hashrate!

The power of a Blockchain represents the amount of power that Blockchain must continue to operate. Evidence of work algorithms consumes the most HashPower in the mining process. Mixed power is measured as a hash at the moment and is the output of a hash function.

Does Litecoin exceed the value of Ethereum?

Litecoin holds the power as the dominant Scrypt PoW tactical player on the market today, and at the moment is working with a total power close to 340 TeraHash. Litecoin with Scrypt PoW and 2 TeraHash hash power on second tier using HashPower. That’s why Charlie Lee says that Litecoin will never be attacked. Litecoin crossed the Ethereum hashrate on May 5, making 270 TeraHash / s of Ethereum hash and 277 TeraHash / s of Litecoin. At this point, while Litecoin is watching around 340 TeraHash / s, Ethereum remains steady around the 270 TH / s mark.

Investors kept their hopes even when the fall market hit Litecoin

The complexity of Blockchain determines how much power can be used to build a 51% attack on Blockchain . The attacker must be able to generate more than half of HashPower in Blockchain for a significant impact. 51% of Blockchain’s power gives the attacker the power to reverse protocol transactions, double spend tokens, and certain blockages.

Ethereum has provided evidence of a system that can reduce power consumption in the future. Vitalik Buterin said that even if the workblock chain overwrites the evidence of existence, it could take the form of a hybrid system with both PoS and PoW elements. Even when the downtrend hit Litecoin, investors retained their hopes.

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