TRON News Today: TRON [TRX] Introduces its Own Official Debut of #Tron Virtual Machine to the Market! TVM is now Active! – Tron Predictions

Justin Sun announced today that they have officially removed TRON’s Virtual Machine ( TVM ) image from their official twitter account . TVM, a blockchain system specially built on the TRON network, and the system is expected to perform more efficiently on the network.

The goal is to create a more secure and scalable ecosystem for network users. TRON Virtual Machine is compatible with the old network, Ethereum . For this reason, data developers will be able to achieve a fully prepared system using Solidity and other coding languages.

Justin Sun’s tweet is like this:

Once the user completes the intelligent backup installation process to the home network , it is expected that the home network will be activated by May 31 , the whole process will be handled by TVM and no external connection is needed.

Ed Cummins , a blockchain supporter :

“As a long-time tron ‚Äč‚Äčsupporter and someone with a software engineering background … that’s the perfect news! Good job.”

Another Tron fan commented:

“You and the tron ‚Äč‚Äčteam are really perfect because you can do all these things in such a short time. This is something that is not made by any other project and is completely unique. Respects”

The Alpha Version of the Tron Virtual Machine contains the following features to provide a more decentralized experience:

Light Weight: This feature basically reduces resource consumption and offers better system performance.

Stable and Secure: It does not cause any ambiguity due to precise operation codes. It records each phase of calculations. The processing fee for each computer step remains the same and this prevents them from being attacked for the amount of gas they use.

Eligibility: In addition to being compatible with Solidity, all smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) can also be applied on TVM.

Developer Friendly: TVM’s bandwidth structure reduces costs, so developers can focus on building their own contract codes. The feature also provides an interface where all of the contract distribution, triggering and monitoring elements are in one.

Various Processor Demands: The gas consumption mechanism in EVM is different from that of TVM because TVM does not require any gas. It becomes even easier to develop smart contracts using complex codes that can later be used to develop games and scientific models.

Design: Designed to help you multitask with better processor speed, response time and ski point compatibility optimization.

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