PayPal to integrate its payment solutions with Google services, G Pay

In a recent announcement, it was unveiled that PayPal will be integrating its payment solution services with G Pay. G Pay is owned by Google. As a result, the level of security which will be provided on G Pay will be much higher.

Currently, whenever PayPal customers are using G Pay, they are not able to directly use it. They have to 1st move away from the G Pay website in then they have to log in. With the help of proper integration, the users will be able to add their PayPal account into Google services. As a result, they will be seamless integration for payment. This will mean that whether you want to pay for Gmail or on the Google store or for you to subscription, you will be able to easily do so. You do not have to worry about logging in again. This will also ensure that you are able to complete the transaction in a short period of time.

Seamless multiple transactions:

Currently, in many of the cases even when you want to transact with the interval of a shorter duration, you will have to log in again and again. However, after this integration, this will not be a problem. Since the PayPal account will already be added, it will become easier for you to complete their transactions within seconds. As a result, you will be able to buy various Google services without any issues as well. This is a welcome step for many of the Google services users.

PayPal is the global leader when it comes to payments online. As a result, when it integrates its services with the Google, it will be easier for the consumers to pay for various Google services.

According to CEO of PayPal, the payment experience will be much smoother for the consumers after this integration. Moreover, they will be able to conduct the transactions in a shorter period of time. They will be able to easily buy various Google services without having to go through the tedious process of logging in again and again. As a result, it is better not only for the consumers but also for PayPal as well as G Pay.

Previous availability:

PayPal was previously also available on G Pay. However, the users had to log in. This process was continued since 2014. With the help of this integration, it will be easier to finish the transactions. With the help of PayPal, users will be able to easily opt for online purchases as well as in pay purchases. They will be able to complete peer-to-peer transactions on G Pay quite easily. It is a win-win situation for the consumers as well as both the companies. Keyword: PayPal, G Pay, Google

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