Litecoin Forecast: After Bitcoin Gold attack, Charlie Lee says Litecoin is very resistant to such attacks – Litecoin News Today

Speaking today after talking about a hacking attack on Bitcoin Gold’s network, Charlie Lee said that one of the subcodes in Scrypt’s software is very resistant to such attacks.

Developed by Colin Pervical and based on a cryptography-based function, Scrypt is basically known for its blockchain platforms against attack. Lee, threw tweety, said:

“51 percent of Bitcoin Gold’s network was attacked. For the miners, attacking Bitgoin Gold has become an easy task. However, this does not apply to Bitcoin or Litecoin. The mining algorithms of these koins are too strong to give place to such events. ”

The famous Turkish engineer Emin Gun Sirer who responded to Lee by using works he had done in America on Blockchain in his country frequently used the following expressions:

“When someone comes out and the miners can not do it, I can not dare to attack my koane, the rumor is that the opposite is happening. I can count many examples of this. ”

Lee responded to Sirer and wrote:

“Among the koins who use Litecoin Scrypt is 99% dominant. The processor power of LTC is 301 Th / s. For the second coin GAME, the CPU power is only 2 TH / s. The processor power to use 51 percent of the other Scrypt-using kits is only about 1 percent of Litecoin, so it drives us forward. ”

Lee’s answer was confirmed by a screen shot by Coin Warz , a data company on crypto money mining . The company that collects data on the distribution of profitability and the power of the processor to the Blockchains of Mining; Lee confirmed the picture he published.

Seizing 51 percent of the CPU power of a Blockchain means it can be done more easily in Blockchain. These include processes such as double spending, which is exactly what happened to Bitcoin Gold.

Lee states that at the moment a 301 TeraHash processor power is sufficient for the next largest Scrypt character, GAME; A processor power for about 2 seconds terahash’lık putting the gamer’s Game Scripts, compared with processors day Litecon rate of 0.66 percent confronts us as.

It also allegedly created an additional layer of security, as indicated by the fact that it made Litecoin strong against hacking attacks. This means that users who are hacking a coin on Scrypt will be more resistant to this attack because they will not be able to do so when they want to switch to Litecoin over the same platform, but Bitcoin Gold is worse than Litecoin.

Thomas Harpointer , a Twitter user named crypto money follower, renewed his confidence in Litecoin and Charlie Lee, and Lee supported the following statements:

“Litecoin was experiencing very severe price fluctuations, but I believed in LTC and Charlie Lee in all these processes. I never thought of selling my LTCs, I believe this project and Lee. Now I am paying with LTC, getting payment, and each post is incredibly fast, cheap and completely reliable. Long-run speed; security, credibility and cheaper cost, and Litecoin literally fits this definition.” Tags: litecoin forecast 2020, litecoin forecast today, litecoin forecast 2018, litecoin price prediction 2025, litecoin price prediction reddit, litecoin price prediction 2020, litecoin 2018 price, litecoin predictions 2018

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