BCH Forecast: Bitcoin Cash launches a new payment processor Bitek (Bitcoin Cash News Today)

Bitcoin Cash has launched a brand new payment processor, Bitek. Bitek is the new launch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The Bitcoin Cash network is a brand new payment processor. This system allows investors in Columbia to accept the BCH and change the Pesos when they are needed and needed.

“Bitcoin Cash is a better Bitcoin.”

Bitek’s business model is similar to the Bitpay service system because it offers Bitcoin Cash based commercial processing, billing and accounting services for customer convenience . Bitek’s founder, Javier Barrera, spoke at Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo during the past few days and explained how his team integrated BCH into Columbia’s retail market. Javier Barrera and Andres Rivera, the founders of Bitek. The passion for Bitcoin Cash was revealed in an interview. The founders said:

Bitcoin Cash is a better Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto suggested by the definition and philosophical line being the most appropriate asset.

Bitcoin Cash comes with a brand new payment processor

Javier Barrera and Andres Rivera disclose Bitek’s benefits for those who want to protect themselves from a BCH payment gateway and a crypt currency currency volatility such as liquidity at a rate in Columbia Peso . The article on the BCH’s official website also includes the following explanations:

Bitek plans to open a market that facilitates trade between buyers and sellers and payments made with Bitcoin Cash. For further information, he explained that he is in talks with BCH-based companies such as Centbee and Nchain on future co-operation. The company also held weekly BCH meetings at popular venues such as Revellion Cultu-Bar. Bitcoin Cash supporters have added a new addition to the companies that offer BCH infrastructure services.

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Record and fill out the information on the Biteks web site for vendors interested in using Bitecs services, payment gateway, deposits in the BCH and facilities for conversion to Columbia Pesos. The part of the BCH’s Twitter twitter that acts like Bitcoin , not “Bitcoin Cash, ” uses Bitcoin, is one of the main reasons for the trust issues of amateur crypto investors. Tags: bitcoin cash news latest, bitcoin cash news today, bitcoin cash chart, bitcoin cash reddit, bitcoin cash price, bitcoin cash price live

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