Mizuho Financial Group to open working space for blockchain companies

A pedestrian holding an umbrella walks past the corporate logo of Mizuho Financial Group Inc. displayed outside a Mizuho Bank Ltd. branch in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Mizuho Financial Group Inc., Japan's third largest bank, is scheduled to report fourth-quarter earnings on May 14. Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Neutrino will be the name of the co-working space which will be opened by the company. It will enable the company to encourage the blockchain industry to set up in Tokyo. This is the reason why this co-working space is being set up.

Mizuho will be the sponsor of the co-working space. It will also collaborate with other members to increase the use of the blockchain technology. According to the company, with the help of this co-working space, blockchain companies will be able to easily set up. This will ensure that there is a blockchain ecosystem in the city. As a result, there will be increased development of blockchain.

Mizuho already working in DLT:

The company is working in the field of DLT already. As a result, it is present in the field already. This clearly indicates that it may have a business proposition with the blockchain-based companies as well.

Many cities all over the world are trying to attract the blockchain industry. This is just one such attempt. It remains to be seen whether this co-working space actually attracts the companies or not. One thing is for sure, that authorities, as well as bigger companies, are going out all on their own in order to attract the blockchain-based companies. With the help of this deadline, blockchain companies will be able to generate a significant amount of employment for the individuals in the city.

There is a race among various cities to attract blockchain-based companies. The blockchain industry is expanding at a rapid pace this is the reason why many cities are trying to attract the blockchain-based companies.

Moreover, cities are providing various incentives to the blockchain-based company so that they set up in their own city. Tax incentives, as well as co-working spaces, are just one of them.

Moreover, the blockchain-based companies are getting attracted to the cities which have plenty of tech investors. As a result, they will be able to raise money for their companies quite easily.

The blockchain technology is expanding at a rapid pace. Authorities, as well as private companies all over the world, are using the blockchain technology in order to make their systems more efficient. As a result, the business of blockchain companies is increasing at a rapid pace. With the increasing business, it is becoming easier for the blockchain companies to hire new employees and to expand into newer territories as well. Moreover, blockchains are versatile and can be scaled up quite easily. As a result, it is easy to gain more with the help of the blockchain technology. Keyword: blockchain, Tokyo, Mizuho

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