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How Does the Pros Of Bitcoin Gold Outweigh Its Cons or Vice Versa

Bitcoin is one of the newly created chain that has been evolved from the Bitcoin and arrived in the crypto market. This has been evolved in 24th Oct 2017. We also explained The Bitcoin Gold Fork last month. It is a fact that the price of BTG has been increased to 60% since many new coins started trading on the exchanges.

Bitcoin Gold Price Today

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold Historical Data

What is the difference between the BTC and BTG?

The first and foremost difference between BTG and BTC is that the BTG has been repurposed to support GPU mining. Technically, the developers of BTG modified the bitcoin’s algorithm in such a way that miners have to use GPU for mining.

The Pros

  • If you are going for mining of BTC chain, then you won’t need any expensive equipment to enhance the profitability. The GPU mining itself will have the decentralizing effects.
  • It is just like having a free money. No matter, if the price reduces. If you have an amount of BTC at splitting time, you will have a BTG amount.

The Cons

  • Over the period of some days, the development team of BTG has been engaged in the pre-mining scandal that makes them unfit in the society.
  • According to the previous evidences the BTG team started its working on BTG mining on 28th This act was kept secret and they did not get any feedback from the community.
  • If we are at the correct date, then it is a fact that developers of BTG may accumulate about 2 million BTG.
  • The BTG developer’s team is not consistent in their decisions. Some say that they were working on the pre-mining BTG while some say that they are not. This act seriously breaches the level of trust.
  • The BTG team has been started refusing the release of project’s code, they are more concerned about the security.

Bitcoin Gold Price Predictions

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