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Crypto space extra minutes has ended up being extremely unstable, indicating awesome increases and misfortunes in the hours matter. It is not an exception that ZEC is the cryptocurrency with security orientation. Here, we will have a look at ZEC offers to get an idea either investing in the digital market would be an asset or not?

Zcash Price Today

Zcash Price Historical Data

What is ZEC and how does it work?

ZEC is an alternative of bitcoin. It was the Serocoin protocol that has been improved and then launched as ZEC cryptocurrency in the year 2016. ZEC can only be obtained through mining as it does not have any ICO. So you can say that it is different from Bitcoin. ZEC uses the zk-snarks system for the transactions as it is one of the safest system. On the other hand, the Bitcoin uses the block chain technology that is not much safer ever.

ZEC trading prices and values have always been high. Contrary to this, the other cryptocurrencies started from their lowest points to highest. On 28th of Oct 2016, The ZEC price was recorded as $5,941.80 that is an incredible rate.

ZEC Pros

  • It offers the experience of the selective transparency
  • ZEC is associated with GPU mining that avoids the centralization
  • It have effective governance than others
  • It offers multiple privacy functions.
  • You can have block time that is up to 2.5 minutes

ZEC Cons

  • It offers the centralization of digital assets
  • It owes about 20% tax
  • The transaction secrecy is causing illegal use of ZEC

The future of ZEC

Zcash or ZEC has the best technology and the privacy functions that makes it different from other cryptocurrencies. It also have the best partnership with JPMorgan that makes an increase of 80% price. According to the Grayscale investments, the values can be increased up to 62,000. They predicted it hypothetically, but it is a fact that cryptocurrencies don’t reach more than 40% of its original value.

Zcash Price Predictions

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