Ethereum Price Prediction: Ethereum sell orders are booming! (ETH News Today)

Ethereum sales orders are booming. According to the London clock, around 30,000 Ethereum (ETH) sales positions were added at 05:00 in the morning. An average of 10,000 new ETH sales orders were issued every hour from the specified time to the current time slot. Unbelievably, until now all orders appear to have reached 186,000 people. This is 10,000 more than the 178,000 Ethereum sales order that occurred when China banned crypto money exchanges in September. After that, ETH sales orders fell to 100,000.

Ethereum price movement may be EOS origin
It is not clear exactly what is here, but there are three possibilities. First, let’s examine the least likely. 5-6 AM London time is in America in midnight and in Asia after lunch. This is usually the time when prices are moving. In the unlikely event the SEC held a meeting and decided that Ethereum was a securities. These are the sales presses for the ETH price without further explanation.

Another possibility is that price movements may be due to EOS . So far, EOS sold 300,000 ETHs. As previously reported, there was a huge price movement in Bitfinex. Wild price movements were seen in the crypto money market. EOS will switch to its main network this Friday, about a year after completing the ICO. Perhaps EOS CTO Dan Larimer is still planning something.

Serious rise in sales orders for Ethereum

EOS has 1.1 million more ETHs right now. The data show that the EOS team suddenly sold 300,000 ETHs. The EOS team also reported that they spent 1.4 million ETHs in the last 30 days. It’s not clear what EOS is going to do with ETH. They do not do anything stupid because opening a short position and selling it on the market will be very obvious.

Bitfinex is now campaigning to be a kind of miner called block producer at EOS, which shows a close relationship between currency and crypt money. At this stage, the market will expect an explanation from EOS about plans to spend ETH on their hands. EOS is currently busy with the main network launch. However, the market may put pressure on the EOS until it hears an explanation in this regard.

Today all the crypto money market fell including the EOS. However, Ethereum lost more value than the other crypto paralas. This price movement shows something different about Ethereum . However, the cause remains unclear. If there is no news from the SEC or Asia, there is only one option for the problem, which is EOS.

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