Bitcoin Price Prediction by Venture Capitalist: Bitcoin is a screaming buy (Bitcoin News Today)

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Spencer Bogart is a venture capitalist. He has a vested interest in blockchain-based cryptocurrencies as well. Even though, he is not that convinced on other Altcoins but thinks that Bitcoin is a screaming buy. According to him, any levels below $ 8000 are a good buy. He recently stated that even the other Altcoins do not have a significant amount of merit but Bitcoin certainly has a lot of merit. This is the reason why investors should think about investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price:

According to him, since Bitcoin has moved below $ 8000, it is a good buy in the shorter term as well as the longer term. Even though volatility may persist but in the longer term, it will rise much higher. This is one of the main reasons why he thinks that Bitcoin should be bought currently.

Also, he is of the opinion that the volatility is here to stay. That is why it does not make any sense to avoid Bitcoin due to the volatility which is currently present.

Book by Bogart:

According to his book, Altcoins are a sell. He is of the opinion that Ethereum is a hold. On the other hand, he thinks that Bitcoin is a buy. He thinks that most of the tokens are actually overvalued. Also, on the ripple cryptocurrency as well, he has a hold rating. He thinks that Bitcoin Cash is one of the best cryptocurrencies which you can get your hands on as well. On the other hand, when you speak about Tron or iota or Neo, he thinks that they should be sold. As a result, he is only bullish about a handful of the cryptocurrencies rather than most of them. This is the reason why cryptocurrency traders are trying to figure out whether he is right in his opinion or not.

Volatility in Bitcoin:

When you look at the previous charts of Bitcoin, you will realize that volatility is part of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is not unusual for Bitcoin to lose over 70% of the market cap before bouncing back again. This is the reason why many of the analysts, as well as the investors, think that Bitcoin can rise once again. Also, the downturn in Bitcoin is not severe when you look at it from a historical point of view. This is another reason why analysts think that Bitcoin can bounce back easily.

Thus, if you’re thinking of investing in Bitcoin, you have to take a few of these factors into account and thereafter only, you can decide about investing in Bitcoin. Keyword: Venture capitalist, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Altcoins , bitcoin price prediction 2018, bitcoin price prediction tracker, ethereum price prediction, bitcoin news, bitcoin market, altcoin prices, bitcoin cryptocurrency, cryptocoin price

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