Berliner FinTech startup raises € 1 million in seed funding is a Fintech start-up which is based in Berlin. Recently, it was able to raise over € 1 million in seed funding. There are many investors who are looking to invest in Fintech companies. That is why there is no dearth of investors who want to finance the company as well. The investors, in this case, included High-Tech Grunderfonds.

Purpose of the funds:

The company will be using these funds in order to expand the team. It is operating in the Fintech sector. As a result, it will also be advancing the technological platform.

The co-founders of the company Daniel Engelbarts and Christian Lang are building a platform which will ensure that a reminder as well as optimization service for the contracts as well as insurance policies is provided to the clients. The contracts can be a car insurance policy or a gas contract or a mobile phone contract. As a result, they will be able to not only advice the clients regarding the type of contracts which they should opt for. Moreover, they will be able to remind the contacts as well. Currently, it is entirely free for most of the users. As a result, they are expecting that you would amount of traction will be gained by them in a very short duration of time.

6 figures revenue

The company was commenced in the year 2017. Revenues of the company are already in 6 figures. As a result, the proof of concept is already present. This is the reason why it has no problem in getting the seed funding as well. Moreover, such a service is unique and it actually is also problems for the user. As a result, it is easier for the users to get a reminder about the contracts as well as other such services which are a part of life. This is the reason why they are actually able to gain a significant amount of traction.

This funding will take it to the next level

In addition to that, the service ensures that they are able to get assistance with the contracts as well. As they are able to get assistance with the contracts, it will indeed become much easier for them to know whether they should go ahead with the contract or not. If they are stuck with the contract on something, they will be able to get advice regarding that as well. This is the main added advantage of this particular service. With the help of this funding, they will be able to easily take it to the next level. Keywords: seed funding,, Fintech

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