Chain-in: The International Industrial & Academic Conference on Blockchain in Porto City, Portugal

Originally driven by cryptocurrencies, e.g., Bitcoin, Blockchain is the technology hype today representing a complete ecosystem that covers several fields: computer science, economy, business, law, society, etc. Chain-in is a new industrial and academic conference focused on Blockchain technologies and spanning the aforementioned areas. The aim is to educate the audience with a comprehensive knowledge on Blockchains and capture the synergies and considerations across fields. On the other hand, the conference brings Blockchain academics, industry, and freelancers to exchange knowledge and join forces to improve the technology.

Why industrial and academic?

In spite of all the hype behind Blockchain technology, the industry and academia are generally following different approaches to address the same problem—of tamper-proof distributed databases (a.k.a., ledgers). Experience shows that there is no pure black and white and there are interesting ideas in both communities; that said, it is wise for both rivals to learn from each other and join forces.

Target speakers

Chain-in is an open platform for any interesting Blockchain-related talk starting from technical to social aspects in academia, industry, developers or independent enthusiasts. Although partially academic, Chain-in doesn’t have publication proceedings this year; however, all talks will be recorded and uploaded to the public media (e.g., Youtube..).

Target audience

Given the wide range of allowed talks, Chain-in is optimal to establish a comprehensive knowledge on Blockchains. Chain-in includes talks that are suitable for the general public and other more technical ones. This is awesome to educate Blockchain enthusiasts and beginners, to get them in touch with experts, and to help academics ramp up and see bright ideas already evolving in industry. The event is also great opportunity to meet business people and companies willing to enter the Blockchain endeavour or looking up their potential.


Chain-in offers competitive fees to serve the main purpose: educate people on Blockchains. People can register for one day or two days depending on their interests (less or more technical). There are special offers for students (actually the very basic expenses) and companies (or groups). See here for more details:


An awesome event like Chain-in must have an awesome city and venue. Chain-in will be hold at the 5* hotel Crowne Plaza Porto (to go official soon) in Porto city, Portugal—which was the best destination in Europe for 2017!


– Alysson Bessani. University of Lisbon, Portugal.
– Christian Decker, Blockstream, USA.
– Vincent Gramoli, University of Sydney, Australia.
– Ali Shoker, HASLab, INESC TEC & Minho University, Portugal.
Chain-in: The International Industrial & Academic Conference on Blockchain Technology.
July 9th and 10th, 2018.
Location. Porto, Portugal.
Twitter: @chain_in_conf
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