Where is Ethereum’s white paper?

Ethereum is one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects. Each and every day, volunteers are making new developments in the code of Ethereum. As a result, the Ethereum blockchain is becoming more stronger. Also, the Ethereum blockchain is becoming more and more versatile as well.

In times of consistent development, sometimes it makes sense to go back to the basics. That is why, many developers often refer to the Ethereum white paper which was published at the start. It is also a common procedure for most of the developers to refer to the traditional white paper whenever they are having a doubt. However, when you search the original white paper of Ethereum, you will realize that most of the older links are broken. Indeed, quite a few links are actually taken down. This is the reason why developers are trying to actually figure out whether Ethereum is white papers still exists or whether it is been deleted from most of the websites which it shared it.

Where is Ethereum’s white paper?

In order to understand about the current white paper which is present on the website of Ethereum, you have to understand that the developments are done by many volunteers. As a result, the white paper is also being consistently updated as well. This is one of the main reasons why the Ethereum Homestead Documentation which is available on the original Ethereum website consist of the older details of the blockchain as well as the newer developments which are taken place. If you really want to know about the original Ethereum blockchain, you can refer to these documents.

In these documents, you will not just find the original details of the blockchain but also you will find the changes which have been made by the volunteers as well. As a result, it will become much easier for you to know about the updates which have happened over the years as well. In case, you’re looking for some feature of the blockchain, you will be able to refer these documents and find out about the features quite easily.

The next time around, you’re searching for the Ethereum white paper; do make sure that you visit their official website. In the Ethereum Documentation, you will be able to find all the information which you need. You can easily find the development information of the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to that, you will be able to gain knowledge about the contributions of the volunteers as well.

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