Apple iOS 12 Features: Whats new in iOS 12?

Apple has finally announced iOS 12. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most of the users are trying to discover the new features which will be provided by iOS 12. We will shed some light on the new features so that you can understand how your devices will be when finally iOS 12 rolls out.

IOS 12 features:

The number of features which are launched are plenty.

The main features include:

  • Faster iPhones
  • ARKit 2
  • Measure app
  • New file format
  • Camera app changes
  • Photos app changes
  • Faster iPhones:

According to the company, your iPhones will be faster by 40% to 70%. As a result, they will become much more efficient as compared to the previous operating system. If indeed, the speed of the iPhone increases, the efficiency will go up manifold as it already provides a much better performance as compared to most of the android phones.

  • ARKit 2:

With the help of this kit, augmented reality will be incorporated into iPhones. Moreover, this will ensure that multiplayer gaming options are also available. Various companies like LEGO, Adobe, and Pixar are already working along with Apple in augmented reality applications. In the future, users can expect many more augmented reality applications.

  • Measure app:

The measure app will be replacing the current measuring tape application. It will be also inculcated with augmented reality. As a result, you will be able to easily measure the objects in front of you.

  • New file type:

There will be a new file type which will be introduced by the extension of USDZ. It will be related to augmented reality applications. Adobe is also supporting this file type.

  • Camera app changes:

Even though, the changes have not been announced exactly but there is wide anticipation that there would be some changes to the camera application as well. The portrait lighting mood photos with the help of the iPhone application will look much more natural.

  • Photos app:

The photos app will have ‘For You’ option and also the search option will be to aid in order to provide better results.

Thus, when you look at the changes in the iOS style, you will realize that many changes are related to the functionality of the iPhone. It remains to be seen whether these changes actually increase the efficiency of the iPhone or whether the efficiency of the iPhone remains the same. Keyword: Apple, iOS 12, faster iPhone, USDZ, ios 12 apple, ios 12 features, ios 12 beta, ios 12 download, ios 12 beta release date, ios 12 compatible devices, ios 12 beta download, ios 12 iphone 5s

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