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Can Litecoin (LTC) cross its all-time high in 2019? There are rumors that Litecoin is now compatible with blocknet. In layman terms, now it can function as cross-blockchain digital assets. As a result, it can be easily pegged against other crypto assets.

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Blocknet is actually aiming to create a platform which will allow communication between different blockchains. As a result, atomic swaps will be made possible. This is just a single development which is propelling Litecoin further. There are a few other developments owing to which, it can easily cross its all-time high.

Bitcoin’s loss = Litecoin’s gain:

Bitcoin has been plagued with problems of huge fees along with slower networks. As a result, the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin is not happening at a faster pace. On the other hand, Litecoin fees are on the lower side and also the network is faster as scalability is not an issue. This is the reason why it can gain from the loss of Bitcoin. If indeed, merchants start using Litecoin more due to its efficient network, it can increase significantly.

Increased adoption of Litecoin:

With an efficient network of Litecoin, it is becoming more and more usable. As a result, the adoption of Litecoin is increasing significantly. Even though Litepay has not been successful but still, owing to the lower fees, Litecoin is becoming more and more successful.

With the synchronization with blocknet, Litecoin will become more and more popular. The adoption will increase significantly. As a result, Litecoin will be used by more and more merchants which will actually increase the value. Increased adoption will always lead to the better value of the cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of Litecoin will also increase accordingly.

Gemini listing:

In all likelihood, Litecoin will be added to the Gemini exchange as well. This will again provide an impulse for Litecoin prices. It remains to be seen whether this impulse can be sustained or whether this impulse will die down pretty soon.

All in all, these are the 3 reasons why Litecoin can increase even beyond the highs which it made in early part of 2018. The potential which Litecoin has is much higher as compared to some of the other Altcoins. With increased adoption, the fundamentals of Litecoin are also improving. As a result, it will become easier for Litecoin to increase in value. You should also keep a close watch on this cryptocurrency as it can easily surpass its older highs in order to reach newer peaks. Keywords: Litecoin price today, litecoin price prediction, litecoin news today

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