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Can Tron (TRX) be the best cryptocurrency of 2019?: We as cryptocurrency owners always like to own the cryptocurrency which reaches dizzying heights. We all like to book hefty profits from our cryptocurrency investments. As a result, we always look for the next coin which can rise significantly.

TRON is “easily” one of the top rising cryptocurrencies on the list of top ten traders despite the fact that the crypto lost over -43% of its value during the course of the last month, which matches the period of November dips that took over -50% of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

TRX has a major shot to progress even further up the list as the asset is marking over 150% of gains on its year to date chart, while toppers like Ethereum and Bitcoin are marking major losses on their YTD.

Moreover, TRX is one of the rare top trading cryptos acquiring positive return in the course of the last two weeks, with 10% of gains in the last 14 days, which might provide the needed price resistance for TRX in the upcoming weeks.

Tron – USD / TRX Price Today

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Bitcoin (BTC)

The number of cryptocurrencies which are being launched to these days is increasing day by day. These days, the total number of coins which you will find is over 2000. As a result, it tends it becomes difficult for you to choose the cryptocurrency which can rise further.

In this crowded cryptocurrency market, there are even high-quality cryptocurrencies like Tron which can get missed. We will today share with you some of the reasons why Tron can be the best performing cryptocurrency in 2019.

TRX ranked in top 20:

TRX is ranked in the top 20 most valued cryptocurrencies. As a result, it is not a relatively unknown cryptocurrency. Ever since it has come in the list of top 20, the volumes are increasing as well. As a result, it is becoming easier for the investors to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Tron TRX Partnerships:

Most of the cryptocurrencies grow through the various partnerships which they develop with many different companies. Same is the case withdrawn. Tron has already launched the main net. However ever since then it has not just settled but rather the development team is trying to forge newer and newer partnerships. It is engaging with the entertainment industry in order to forge these partnerships. Some of the companies with which it has partnered with include, Bitmain.

In addition to that, in the sports industry as well, it has already partnered with vSports. It is helping the company build a proper ecosystem revolving around the various sports which it covers. Also, it is creating a platform for the content developers to share the content easily. Due to all of these partnerships, the potential in Tron is significant.

Connections of Justin Sun:

Justin Sun is the CEO of TRX. The connections of the CEO are plenty. He has business relations in a variety of different industries. Also, he even has connections at the upper echelons of various industries like CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma. These connections will surely help forge newer partnerships which will propel the currency forward.

Tron (TRX) on a role as more than 70 exchanges list the crypto now

It becomes more evident Every time as to how Tron (TRX) is taking the strongest steps in the industry to set a milestone and differentiate from others, a fact that without any wonder the token is already taking care of. One would think that after a long-awaited launch of the Main Net and all of the work that got implied in such ambitious project, the company would take some time before jumping on another bold objective, but that’s certainly not the case of this crypto.

Justin Sun, CEO of the company has been working tirelessly to consolidate the presence of the coin in the market and improve its performance as one of the top cryptos in the industry. Like this, it has developed an exceptional partnering work that for sure forecasts the token as the next big thing.

It seems like going unnoticed is definitely not a characteristic of the moves that Sun has set for the current 10th coin of the market. The businessman recently managed to partner with three cryptocurrency exchanges in just 48 hours, a fact that besides being huge, places the coin as one of the most well-received in the world, and the one that is currently listed in 70 exchanges in total now. The Tron team knows no stopping. Let’s see how it goes.

The most recent alliances of Tron

BitForex partnership
It is the most recent partnership announcement that Justin Sun made on his Twitter account. Sun’s tweet regarding the Tron’s partnership with BitForex, reads,

BitForex is an influential crypto exchange based in Singapore with registration in the Seychelles and presence in countries such as Germany, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. In addition to the newly listed TRX token, the exchange lists another ten cryptos among which there is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, NEO, ABBYS, THEMIS, and others.

Shiftmarkets partnership
Tron has just entered a global market by forming an alliance with the leading FX market company, Shiftmarkets. Through the partnership, both companies expect to bridge the gap between the two sectors by offering Contract For Difference liquidity and deliverable assets.

In relation to this, the CEO of Shiftmarkets, Ian McAfee said that the company is very “excited to bridge the gap between the FX and crypto markets with a popular and exciting project like TRON.” He continued by saying the FX demand has been mostly acclaimed and that after this collaboration he expects a more notable interaction between the two market sectors.

OTCBTC partnership
The Chinese exchange OTCBTC partnered with Tron a couple of days ago to provide support in the migration from the protocol ERC-20 of Ethereum. Like this, all of the holders of the token can deposit their TRX ERC-20 tokens on the exchange before June 21st, and this will represent insurance for their funds after the protocol migration and the coming representative elections.

OTCBTC is one of the largest exchanges in Asia offering trading services with several cryptos among there is TRX which can be bought through fiat currencies such as Yuan or USD and with available trading pairs like TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH.

D2F partnership
Tron (TRX) will deploy the Super Representative elections in which the self-governed community of the company will be set to shape and establish Tron’s future. Regarding the Tron (TRX) D2F partnerships, the official announcement that came from Justin Sun in form of a tweet (as in most of the cases), reads,

Final Words
Exactly as Mr. Sun keeps establishing over social media, it seems like Tron “never sleeps.” All of the recent partnerships and moves from the company can only be an indicator of its enormous potential growth in the coming days.

The TRX token is now listed in more than 70 crypto exchanges around the world and has over 100 TRX pair options to trade with. Whether it will be a fast or slow success remains a question; however, we can be sure that great things are coming for the crypto. Stay tuned!

Lightning listings – Tron [TRX] now on BitForex

BitForex is a digital currency asset trading platform that provides users with safe, professional and convenient digital currency trading services. The company is headquartered in Singapore, registered at the Republic of Seychelles, has an independent operating team in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries and regions.

BitForex has 10+ coins listed on their platform already, some of them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Aion, NEO and Ethereum Classic. Bitforex yesterday also announced the listing of two new coins ABYSS and THEMIS.

TRON at press time had a market cap of $3.8 billion with a price of $0.059 and a rise of 0.83% in the last 24 hours. With the recent partnership and collaboration announcement by TRON, they intend to bridge the gap between traditional Forex markets and the crypto-markets.

Ian McAfee, CEO of Shift Markets commented on this,
“We are excited to bridge the gap between the FX and crypto markets with a popular and exciting project like TRON,”

Justin Sun, TRON’s Founder, said,

“TRON’s partnership with Shift Markets marks a major expansion in the availability of TRX and fiat trading. We are proud to play a prominent role in joining cryptocurrency and FX markets across the globe.”

S.Ertas, a Twitter user commented,

“justin brother bravo to you. Sooner or later TRX ‘s value will rise to the surface of the day. Keep walking on solid steps. we are with you. Greetings from Turkey…”

Zaraki, a Twitter user commented,

“Top coins are doing decent volume on that exchange, this will definitely add a good amount of volume to TRX. @Tronfoundation @justinsuntron”

Skeptics like Matt Pearson says,

“I call bull. Nothing ever Justin says affects the price in a positive way. Shit coins will always remain shit coins.”

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