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Where is Tron (TRX) headed in 2019? TRX Investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are always looking for the next big cryptocurrency. TRX has grown significantly in the last few months. As a result, investors are trying to figure out whether it can increase further. Also, the underlying blockchain which is powering Tron is also pretty advanced. The ride is surely not going to be a smooth one but if you can handle the spikes as well as the downturns, there might be a significant amount of potential in TRX.

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Partnerships of TRX:

The launch of Main net will surely be a positive for Tron. In addition to that, it is partnering with number of different gaming content companies. Some of these include Bitmain, UPlive. The main aim of this tie-up is to provide them with a proper ecosystem in order to publish the content. This will help TRX reach newer heights and also gain higher acceptability as a cryptocurrency.

In the sports industry, TRX has already tied up with vSports. The main aim of this tie-up is to create a proper ecosystem for sports coverage. With the help of these partnerships, it will be able to increase the confidence of the investors in the cryptocurrency.

Versatile usage:

The development team is not just sitting on its past accolades. It is consistently trying to forge newer partnerships. Moreover, they are developing the platform in such a way that it will be highly versatile. As a result, the content developers in different industries will be able to use it quite easily. This is one of the main advantages of Tron.

With the platform becoming more and more versatile, the number of users which will use the platform will go up significantly. This is the main aim of the TRX development team. Also, this is one of the main primary reasons as to why you should think about investing in TRX.

Opportunities for expansion:

According to the CEO of TRX, Justin Sun the main aim of TRX is to make sure that users are able to use the cryptocurrency quite easily. He also has clearly stated that TRX is open for partnerships with various companies who are interested. Also, he is able to make the right connections and as a result, the number of partnerships being forged are going up day by day. In the future, there is a potential tie-up with Alibaba on the cards as well. With all of these developments and more, the coin will surely find its mojo pretty soon which will enable investors to make a significant amount of money.

Thus, instead of looking at any other cryptocurrency, it is a good idea to look at TRX as it will definitely help you in gaining good return in the year 2019. Keywords: Tron, TRX, cryptocurrency, tron price prediction 2019, trx price today, tron news today, trx forecast 2019

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