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IOTA aims to reach $5 with the help of its partnership with Nordic semiconductors and NTNU: IOTA recently announced that it will be partnering with Nordic semiconductors and also NTNU University. As a result, they will be able to set up data marketplaces with the help of these tie-ups. This will ensure that the development potential of the platform will increase significantly. With the help of data marketplace, they will be able to solve real-world applications more easily. Even though, currently it is trading around the 10th or 11th position in terms of market cap as it holds a lot of potential.


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Future potential:

With the help of these tie-ups, buying and selling of data will be more streamlined. As a result, the value of the applications which is provided by IOTA will be much more than currently. As a result of this announcement, the cryptocurrency increased by 10%.

About Nordic semiconductors:

Nordic semiconductors is a pretty big player in the field of electronics. They build the gadgets which are not just wireless and portable but which also use cutting-edge technology. They build the gadgets which can be easily connected to the Internet and therefore will enhance the capability of the platform. It uses ultra-low-power chips in order to provide connectivity to the devices. The system on chip technology ensures that each and every device can be connected to the Internet. The company is trying to gather the data with the help of a batch of students of NTNU University. As a result, this marketplace which is being built owing to this tie-up will be able to get significant amount of data.

In addition to that, the company is trying to create a database with the help of its devices. The data in the database will provide the company with the details regarding the quality data in the surrounding of the devices. In addition to that, other data will be collected as well. This data will be available on the data marketplace at affordable cost. It can be easily bought with the help of the cryptocurrency.

Significant partnerships of IOTA:

  • Academia-IOTA partnership:

With the help of this partnership, the students from NTNU University will be able to mine the data from the devices of Nordic semiconductors and the data will be available for sale on the IOTA platform. As a result, the platform will be able to get significant amount of data with the help of this tie-up.

  • IOTA marketplace is consistently doing:

The marketplace which is built by IOTA is consistently growing as more and more devices get connected, by the users. This will further increase the value of the cryptocurrency.

Due to all of these developments, IOTA is not a currency which can be ignored any longer. It has immense potential. Keywords: IOTA, Nordic semiconductors, NTNU, cryptocurrency

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