Tron (TRX) Mainnet Accounts Outnumber Those of EOS

In early September 2018, Justin Sun twitted that TRX accounts had surpassed those of EOS- a more established platform.

“#TRON Mainnet accounts have surpassed #EOS. 12:00pm, September 4, 2018, according to and, #TRX Mainnet: 301,604 Versus #EOS: 299,743. The #TRX Network continues to flourish and gains more approval 71 days post #TRX Mainnet launch.

Further analysis shows that TRX Mainnet contains 303,478 as by 5th September 2018 while EOS has 300,296 accounts.

The Force Behind the TRX Mainnet Accounts Increase

One likely cause of the exponential rise of accounts on TRX Mainnet, is the GoSeedIt tipping platform, which has made it easier for Twitter and Telegram users to send each other some amount of TRX. #OperationTronStrorm is the hot hashtag on these social platforms that has seen even the Pope being tipped in TRX.

GoSeedIt: Driving the TRX Mainnet Accounts since its Launch

The GoSeedIt platform that facilitates tipping in Tron was initiated on 16th August 2018, roughly 18 days now. Before this launch, the highest tally for TRX accounts was 66,206. When compared to the present tally of 303,478 accounts, we get a percentage rise of 360% basically as an impact of GoSeedIt platform.

Further Benefits of the #OperationTronStorm

Generally, TRX Mainnet remains the most common among the TRX community as it strives in decentralizing the web. #OperationTronStorm has additionally backed the popularity of the TRX Mainnet project and subsequently the TRX coin via the GoSeedIt platform, which has permitted an exponentially growth in the number of Mainnet accounts within just 18 days and exceed those on the EOS network.

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